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Social Work Practice Placements

What you need to know about social work placements

Welcome to all social work students.  As part of your social work qualification you are required to complete two practice placements.  The first placement lasts 70 days and the final placement is for 100 days.We hope this section of the website is a useful resource whilst before and during your placement.

The practice placement documents

There are two key documents that you need for your practice placement and both can be downloaded here.

The Practice Placement Guide for Chelmsford and Cambridgeshire – gives you all the information you need about your placement and what you need to do when.

The Practice Placement Workbook – this document sets out all the tasks required for the completed portfolio. (For more information see the placement workbook FAQs)

For more information about placements see our Social Work Placements Guide for students.

The College of Social Work and The Health and Care Profession Council
On placement your capability will be assessed according to the Professional Capabilities Framework.  Further details of the Professional Capabilities Framework and in your Practice Placement Guide (see above). You will also need to demonstrate that you are operating according to the HCPC Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for Students

Who will support me on placement?
Social Work students will be assigned a Practice Educator.  Practice Educators will support you during your training and assess your practice over the placement duration.  Practice Educators are Social Workers trained in the teaching and assessment of students on practice placements. Their role is to support and enable students to integrate theory and knowledge from university into practice.  They are responsible for the assessment of the student’s practice. 

Some placements will have a Practice Educator who is on-site at the agency.  However, for some placements your Practice Educator may be off-site and will meet with you on a regular basis.  You will be supported on a day-to-day basis by an On-site Supervisor.

On-site Supervisor
Often in Private, Voluntary and Independent (Stage 1) placements there is not a practice educator within the agency or team. When this happens a member of the team will be appointed as an On-site Supervisor and the university will appoint a practice educator who will visit you on a regular basis. The On-site Supervisor will support you with day-to-day issues and ensure that you have sufficient learning opportunities within the placement opportunity.

Placement Tutor/Personal Tutor
Is your point of contact at the university and will attend meetings at your placement to ensure that the placement is set up in a way that will meet your learning needs.  They will check that you have opportunities to meet the assessment criteria within a placement opportunity. They are also there to support you if you have any difficulties on your placement.

Practice Learning Co-ordinators
The Practice Learning Co-ordinators oversee all student placements, sourcing new placement opportunities, matching placements and students, supporting practice educators/on-site supervisors and facilitating student concerns' meetings. 

Practice Team Support Officers
These are the key members of the placement team, the Practice Team Officers liaise with students and placements organising potential student placements while maintaining and monitoring key administrative functions such as time sheets, and paperwork which relates to the progression of students.

Practice Team Support Officers

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