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Sunday 21 July
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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to enjoy your practice learning experience as well as developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of the profession you are planning to enter.

Make the most of your time in practice and use every opportunity to learn and develop.

Q – I can’t see my next placement information?
A – Placement information is only available to view 12 weeks in advance. You must also have evaluated your previous/current placement for the information to appear.

Q – Can you please tell me where my next placement is?
A – Placement information is only available to view online, by logging in to web based placements.

Q – I wanted to change practice site. Is this a possibility?
A –Changing site can be very difficult to organise.  The Education Leads from the Trusts/Healthcare Organisations audit each clinical area to ensure the learning environment is suitable for students and how many students can be allocated there. Therefore increasing student numbers is often difficult to support.  See below for the process to change practice site.

Q – Who do I contact to make a request to change practice site?
A – You need to discuss this in the first instance with your personal tutor.  If you then decide to proceed with this please contact the practice team to request a ‘change of site request form’ Email address: Please be aware that your request will only be actioned for the beginning of the next academic year.

Q - I have recently moved and so my next placement is too far to travel. Can it be changed?
A –We will always do our best to support students’ requests.  However please see above as to the reasons why this sometimes may be difficult for the Trust/Healthcare Organisation to accommodate all requests.

Q – What do I do with the attendance registers in the back of my practice book?
A – These must be completed for each shift and signed by the mentor. Copies must then be sent into the practice team via email or post. Please see contact details below:

Email address:

Internal post
Peterborough: Guild House Reception
Cambridge: Young Street Reception
Chelmsford:    William Harvey Building Reception

External Post:
Practice Team,
3rd Floor, William Harvey Building,
Chelmsford Campus,
Anglia Ruskin University,
Bishop Hall Lane,
Essex, CM1 1SQ

Q – I find it difficult to work weekends and evenings.  Who should I contact?
A – It is really important that you negotiate your off duty with your mentor.  It is an NMC requirement that you work at least 40% of your week with your ‘live’ mentor.  It is also an NMC requirement that you experience care delivery over a 24 hour period, including weekends.  Some weekend and evening work is essential to meet the NMC standards.

Q – I find it difficult to get to work on time due to child care issues.  What should I do?
A – Always remember to discuss your concerns with your mentor and negotiate your off duty.  However working with your ‘live’ mentor will be a priority.  Remember it is a professional responsibility to be reliable and to treat all people with dignity and respect.  Arriving late disrupts the healthcare team and means they may waste valuable time waiting for you to arrive or having to update you on patient care when you arrive. 

Q – I have experienced a death in the family and need compassionate leave. Is this allowed?
A – Of course this will be allowed.  Compassionate leave must be authorised by the course leader. Students may be able to take special leave for other issues but authorisation must come from your personal tutor.

Q – Who do I contact when I am off sick from placement?
A – You should notify the practice team and your placement area. Please use one of the following means of informing the practice team:
Text: 07950 080672
Start text with the word 'Absence' and give the following details:
Practice Placement
Date of Absence
Reason for Absence (as brief as possible)

Q – Who do I contact when off sick from the University?
A – Your personal tutor

Q – I have been off sick for 4 days. Can I self certificate?
A – Students can self certificate for up to 1 week.

Q - I have been off sick for 8 days. Can I self certificate?
A – Students can self certificate for up to 1 week; any additional days must be covered by a doctor’s certificate. Copies must be sent into the practice team to update your record.

Q - I have had time off sick during my practice placement. When do I make this time up?
A – You will need to liaise initially with your personal tutor who will, if necessary, arrange with the Practice team for this time to be made up during annual leave.

Q – I have received my latest travel claim payment but it is short. Why?
A – The Student Grants Unit is responsible for paying travel claims and any discrepancies should be taken up with them. Please telephone

  •  0300 3301345 Student Bursaries help line
  • 0300 3301342 Social Work Bursaries help line

Q – I have been offered employment when I finish the course. When can I start?
A – You may take up employment from the first date following completion of your last theory and practice day.

Q – When would I need to provide identification or proof of CRB (DBS) in placement?
A – There is always a possibility that you will be asked to provide photographic identification, such as driving licence or passport and/or produce a copy of your CRB (now called DBS) when you first arrive at a new placement. Please also always wear your student badge.  You should never present yourself for a shift without this. The type of area most likely to request this information from you are schools, prisons and areas where there are particularly vulnerable people being cared for, but it is possible you may need to produce these documents in a straight forward placement. Please ensure you keep these documents to hand.
When contacting your placement for the first time, please ask if you are required to produce such proof of identification, so that you may go along on your first day in practice fully prepared

Q – What accommodation options are available at Papworth hospital?
A – Papworth Hospital has Single Room Trust accommodation which consists of a single furnished room within our Nurses Home, sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities with between 6 and 8 other members of Trust staff at a cost of £11.50 per night.  If accommodation is required, please email the Accommodation Office at advising of the dates required and that you are a student from Anglia Ruskin University.  Sadly accommodation cannot be guaranteed, as it does depend on availability at the time of request.  

You should be able to claim for any additional accommodation costs from NHS Bursaries.  Practice Placement Expenses (Travel and Accommodation) Guidance Notes and Claim Form are attached however they are available on their website (along with guidance on when they should be used) at   If you have any further queries, please call them.

Q – Who do I contact if I have concerns about my supervision in practice?
A – Please refer to the Support in Practice section of this website.

Q –Who do I contact if I have concerns about patient care?
A – Please refer to the Professional Issues section of this website.

Important Contact Information

  • Practice book enquiries, Formative & Summative Assessment queries, Timetables, Mentor issues

Student Advisor  

  • Extensions to practice

Education Champion / Personal Tutor  

  • Placement issues such as concerns with patient care, mentor support

Student Grants Unit

  • Bursaries, Travel Claims – 0300 3301345 Student Bursaries help line
  • 0300 3301342 Social Work Bursaries help line

Shift Hours

  • Mentor

Course Leader

  • Progression issues, pregnancy, need to intermit, long term illness e.g surgery