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Monday 19 August
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Corporate Marketing, International & Development

We’re here to support the growth and promotion of our university from generating enquiries through to setting students on the path from registration to graduation and beyond. We’re developing globally with an international team spanning the world and driving student recruitment. We’re also responsible for our university’s reputation; fostering a community spirit and great public relations.

We are more than just marketing, we are the external face of Anglia Ruskin; the website, our design and branding and what we say about the great work we all do is supported by our market intelligence and data analysis. We look after international and EU student recruitment as well as UK admissions running global campaigns to attract new students to all our campuses and partnerships worldwide with outreach activities to widen participation and awareness with key audiences. We are also internally focused providing engagement events for current students, staff and surrounding communities. We keep an eye on the media and send out interesting stories about our people and our research. We’ll make sure that the information is circulated internally through implementation of new communications channels for staff and students to access online and offline.

It’s all part of our Designing our Future 2017-2026.

Find out more about the teams involved and how we support you below:

Student applications start with this team. We’re working directly with students to guide them through a complex entry process; short-listing, interviews, occupational health checks, criminal records bureau disclosures, references, verification of qualifications and bursary eligibility requirements. With careful customer service and targeted email nurturing, we work across all courses and faculties - PG, UG, part time and full time - taking the student journey through to registration.

Corporate Marketing
We’re developing campaigns and collateral to drive interest in our university across a range of media channels. We work with admissions and faculties to broadcast related student recruitment messages and through a series of touchpoints keep students engaged throughout their decision-making process. Our campaign delivery methods are varied and ever-changing in the face of social and digital marketing. We’re in control of all marketing literature such as the prospectus, as well as promotional advertising. We work closely with both Faculties and support services on their marketing activity, offering advice, specialist knowledge and project management.

Corporate Communications & Events
Your communications & events team are here to help broadcast our values, look after our reputation and engage with the surrounding communities. We’ll guide and deliver key messages to audiences and stakeholders, encouraging our alumni to stay connected. We’re guardians of the brand and creators of straightforward, plain English communications. We oversee internal communications and are currently undertaking a project to improve connectivity between colleagues. Ask us about social media and digital communication.

Design and Delivery
Our design team works hard to keep us all on brand. There are plenty of templates available for general use. If you’re trying to put together a wider campaign or promotion, send them a design request and they’ll provide creative solutions and expertise in all areas of design, print production and brand guidance. We also host our image library which you can access online and download the latest official photographs.

Globally-minded and globally-located, we're talking to students around the world and promoting Anglia Ruskin as the place to study in the UK.  We deal with all international student applications and guide them through the immigration processes. We don’t just stop there, we’re the driving force behind international student welcome orientation and events on campus. Our international student community can always rely on us throughout their time at ARU for help and advice.

Market Intelligence
All you need is data. We’ll provide a common-sense approach to market analysis and deliver the evidence our corporate management team needs to make informed decisions about the direction of our university. We’re here to support faculties and marketing to identify and target the right audience and pinpoint their information needs and the right channels for each market segment.

Working across the Eastern region, seeking out opportunities to engage with people of all ages and tell them more about Higher Education as it applies to them. This team organises, facilitates and runs activities for a diverse range of groups in a range of communities to encourage prospective students for both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Digital & CRM
Website updates and getting our search engine exposure right is down to this dedicated team. We’ll help you get the right training to manage pages on your part of the website and can advise on digital communication projects and assigning page redirects. Our web strategy includes creating plenty of fresh content and video media to support all our student recruitment and retention campaigns.