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Thursday 22 February
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Strategic Planning and Policy Unit

The Corporate Plan 2015-17

Anglia Ruskin's Corporate Plan for the period 2015-17 can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Printed copies of the Plan will be circulated from the Strategic Planning & Policy Unit of the Academic Office in January 2015.

Anglia Ruskin University's Corporate Plan 2015-17
Corporate Plan 2015-17 Cover


The new Plan builds on the success of the previous Plans (2009-11 and 2012-14) sets out 11 goals which we will strive to accomplish over the next three years.  Each goal is accompanied by demanding targets to help us gauge and monitor our progress during this period.

The Strategic Planning & Policy Unit provides regular updates to the Corprate Management Team and the Senate on the progress made against the targets set for each of the 11 Goals:

Corporate Plan 2015-17: Goals
We will exceed the national average for student retention, achievement, satisfaction and employment outcomes thereby improving our position in league tables.

We will develop a marketing and branding strategy to increase the number of applications we receive for undergraduate courses thereby enabling us to drive up qualifications on entry.

We will increase student engagement within and outside the curriculum, so as to enrich students' time at Anglia Ruskin, support their academic success, give them a distinctive 'edge' in the job market and enrich their lives after university.
We will establish Chelmsford as a nationally and internationally recognised centre for our enhanced portfolio of professionally accredited courses, growing student numbers in science, engineering, health, accounting and finance, architecture, law and medical activity. Our student population in Chelmsford will grow to match that in Cambridge by 2020.
We will become more postgraduate as an academic community so that 20% of our on-site students will be studying at postgraduate level and we lead the sector in the provision of Professional Doctorates.

Every academic member of staff will be involved in research in their discipline, and every Faculty and academic department will have world-leading research.

3,000 of our campus-based students will be from outside the EU and we will educate 20,000 students off-site.
We will become the UK's leading university for Degrees at Work,with 2000work-based learning students.
We will belong to a university community in which our staff are well qualified and staff satisfaction and engagement levels are in the top quartile.
We will improve efficiency so that we can maximise investment in our academic activity - ensuring that an increasing proportion of funds is spent on academic activity each year.
Our external income will be the highest in our benchmark group.


For more information on our Corporate Plan, please contact the Strategic Planning & Policy Unit of the Academic Office.