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Friday 20 September
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The Academic Registry's Curriculum Records Service is responsible for creating and maintaining the records of Anglia Ruskin's curriculum on our student record system, ASTRA. The Team maintains course and modular records, support the Curriculum Revisions and Course Approval processes and the Module Planning process where students make their optional choices for modules.

The Service comprises a team of seven staff lead by the Head of ASTRA Strategy and Governance, Nikki Dibb. The Service is located at Abbeygate House and the Sinclair Building (1st Floor) in Cambridge and Eastwood House (1st Floor) in Chelmsford.


Manage My Curriculum

Manage My Curriculum is an e:Vision task that allows staff to access Module Definition Forms (MDFs) through Manage My Modules and Course Specification Forms (CSFs) through Manage My Courses.

Manage My Courses was launched in September 2016. Please contact the Curriculum Records Service with any questions or comments.

To assist staff in using Manage My Courses, guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available. Short instructional videos (.mp4s) are also provided below which can be saved and then opened via a media player.

Using Manage My Courses When You Know the Stem Code

Online Module Planning briefing

Using Manage My Courses When You Don't Know the Stem Code

Online Module Planning briefing




Revisions to curriculum structure, content and delivery (including the addition of new modules to an existing course)

The Senate delegated responsibility for the management of the Curriculum Revisions process to the four Faculty Quality Enhancement and Standards Subcommittee for all four Faculties on a continuing basis.

Details of meeting dates are available in the Dates to Remember document. Please contact your Quality Assurance Officer regarding submission deadlines for each meeting.

The information contained in these pages is intended as a brief guide to direct proposers through their Curriculum Revision proposal. Full details of the process can be found in Section 6 of the Senate Code of Practice on Curriculum Approval and Review. Please click on the relevant link below for information on the type of proposal you wish to put forward.


Quick links to Curriculum Revisions forms:

Cover paper - New modules

Cover Paper - New Blended/Distance Learning Modules

New Module Approval Form and Notes of Guidance for completing the New Module Approval Form

Cover paper - Module Amendments

Cover paper - Addition of blended/distance learning delivery mode

Cover paper - Module Archiving

Course Amendment Form

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