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Monday 28 May
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Amendments to existing courses

The following is intended as a brief guide to direct proposers through their proposal. Full details can be found in Section 6 of the Senate Code on Curriculum Approval and Review.

Revisions to existing courses, such as the addition of new or existing modules, the deletion of a module from a course, the reclassification of a module(s) as compulsory or optional, a change to delivery pattern/mode or the inclusion of an element of blended or distance learning must be submitted on the Cover Paper - Course Amendment along with authorisation from the Head of Department/Deputy Head of Department.

Any proposed amendment to the modular requirements for a course requires a revised version of the learning outcomes mapping exercise (completed originally at the course approval event for the relevant course(s)) to be submitted to demonstrate the continued relationship of the revised course learning outcomes to the constituent module learning outcomes.

Please email completed forms to your Faculty Quality Assurance Officer (FQAO).


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