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Thursday 22 February
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Institutional Review

The Senate has approved a process for the review of collaborative partnerships with Associate Colleges. This page is designed to provide you with an initial level of information on the process; full details are contained within Section 6 of the Senate Code of Practice on Collaborative Provision.


All Associate Colleges are subject to an Institutional Review, normally every five years. Institutional Review focuses on the operation and success of the partnership and involves an examination of activities relating to both the Associate College and the relevant areas of Anglia Ruskin University. At the beginning of each academic year, the Head of Quality Assurance in the Academic Office writes to the Principals of all Associate Colleges who are scheduled for an Institutional Review regarding a possible timetable for the event.

When provisional dates have been agreed, an Executive Officer and Panel Chair are assigned and the detailed preparation begins. A pre-meeting can be arranged between the Associate College and the Executive Officer to provide advice and guidance on the arrangements for the visit including the requirements for the documentation provided in advance of the visit and that to be provided on the day (see below).


The Institutional Review visit

The key element of an Institutional Review is a formal two day visit to the Associate College, preceded by a 10 week planning period which commences with receipt of the self evaluation prepared by the Associate College. The specific tasks undertaken during the planning period are shown in a typical 10 week timetable. During the visit the Panel will meet with representatives of the senior management team, academic staff involved with the delivery of Anglia Ruskin modules, current and, if possible, former students and staff with specific responsibilities for learning resources and other student support services, staff development and related activity, staff research, marketing, student support and guidance (academic and pastoral) and quality management and enhancement. The Panel will also undertake a tour of the physical and learning resources available to students.


The Self Evaluation Document

The Associate College prepares a self evaluation document for submission to the Academic Office at least 10 weeks before the date scheduled for the Institutional Review event.

Documentary requirements for an Institutional Review visit


Additional Information

In order to triangulate the information contained within the self evaluation, and that obtained from meetings held during the event, further documentary evidence is required for scrutiny by the Panel during the two day visit based on Anglia Ruskin courses delivered at the Associate College. The Executive Officer advises the Associate College of the specific documentation required at least four weeks before the event. Examples of the types of evidence that may be required are given in Section 6 of the Senate Code of Practice on Collaborative Provision.

In addition to the above documentation, the Executive Officer provides the Panel with the following information:
• the report of the original Institutional Approval or most recent Institutional Review event for the Associate College under review
• the minutes of Courses Management Committee meetings.


Guide to Managing Collaborative Partnerships

The smooth and effective operation of the link between the Associate College and Anglia Ruskin is essential and the Academic Office has developed the Guide to Managing Collabortaive Partnerships booklet which outlines the role of the Link Tutor for those links with Associate Colleges operating under a franchise arrangement.

Institutional Approval Process