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Monday 14 October
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Examinations Unit: Students Information

Please ensure you check your timetable on e-vision at the beginning of each semester as this is a record of the modules you are registered on for assessment. You must contact your Student Adviser to request any changes to your modules.

The Exam Timetable is published in Teaching Week 7 of each semester and can be found on the Examinations website Details of each exam include start time, end time (please ensure you note the start time), date and room number. Where an exam is split over a few rooms the split is made according to surname, please go to the correct room.

We only produce personal timetables for students with specific examination arrangements who are registered with Study Support Services.

Please note that due to space constraints at the Cambridge Campus, some exams may be held at Fenner’s Gallery, Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre and other external venues. Directions can be found at these links:


Start of the examination


University ID Card
Authorised stationery, e.g. pens/pencils


Small clear bottle of water


NO UNAUTHORISED MATERIALS ARE PERMITTED IN THE EXAM ROOM.  (See Section 6 of the Academic Regulations which governs the conduct of all examinations)
Mobile phones must be switched off and left in your bag or with the invigilator 
Coats and bags must be left in the designated area

Taking the exam

Please Do

Please Do Not

Arrive at the exam room 15 minutes before the start time and wait to be instructed to enter the room. Admission is permitted up to 30 minutes after the official start time of the exam but not thereafter. No additional time will be given if you arrive late for an exam.

Arrive just as your exam is about to start

Listen carefully to the invigilators instructions and read the instructions on the front of your exam paper

You are not permitted to leave the exam within the first 30 minutes or the last 15 minutes

Complete the front page of your answer booklet with your student number, the module code and title, plus the question numbers you have answered 

Write your name on the front cover of the answer booklet

Cross through rough work

Open your question paper until told to do so by the invigilator

Raise your hand if you need the invigilator for any reason

Communicate with anyone other than the invigilator or leave the room without the invigilator’s permission

At the end of the exam please stop writing when instructed, remain seated and silent until all exam scripts have been collected and you are informed that you may leave the room. You are permitted to keep the question paper unless otherwise specified.