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Sunday 13 October
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Examinations Unit: Information for Invigilators

Examinations Unit: Information for Invigilators

Invigilators are responsible for the conduct of examinations, they are the official people present during the examination who take care of students, provide support if needed and watch to prevent cheating.  They are present at every examination to ensure that examinations are held in accordance with the current Anglia Ruskin University Academic Regulations.

This role would suit a person who enjoys mixing with people, has the confidence to enforce the regulations if necessary and deal effectively and promptly with any problems that may occur during the examination.

We primarily need invigilators for our main examination sessions which run in December, April/May and July/August.  However, we also have a number of examinations throughout the year, mainly for nursing exams.  The main exams are based at East Road in Cambridge and Chelmsford, and in Peterborough for some nursing exams.  The rate of pay is currently £9.00 an hour.

Full training is provided to new invigilators and a handbook detailing Anglia Ruskin University’s policy and Academic Regulations for examinations is given to all invigilators.

Applicants should be confident dealing with groups of students and sensitive to the stresses of an examination environment. The size of examinations varies from 1 to 100+ and invigilators should be able to cover all sizes of groups. Two or more invigilators are allocated to each examination with more than 25 students, with as many as 8 invigilators presiding over examinations with 100+ students.

We also arrange examinations for students with specific examination arrangements. These examinations are usually no larger than 10 students. The invigilators for these examinations should be sympathetic to the needs of the student whilst ensuring that the integrity of the examination is not compromised.

Invigilators are required to complete various reports and registers. These are kept as the official record of attendance and any events during the examination. Accurate record keeping is therefore essential.

The main responsibilities of an invigilator are to:

  • Invigilate examinations in accordance with the current Anglia Ruskin University Academic Regulations and the guidelines detailed in the Handbook for Invigilators.
  • Carry out identity checks (student identification cards).
  • Admit students who arrive late in accordance with the Academic Regulations.
  • Make announcements before and during the examination.
  • Maintain security of examination papers and stationery.
  • Record student attendance.
  • Assist in the resolution of any exam paper queries.
  • Deal with cases of cheating in the examination room.
  • Remain vigilant, mobile and attentive throughout the examination.
  • Be sympathetic to the needs of the students.
  • Collect scripts at the end of the examination.
  • Be familiar with Anglia Ruskin University’s fire & evacuation procedures.

If you would like to discuss the role further please call or e-mail a member of the Examinations Team at Cambridge on 01223 698012/698512 or and at Chelmsford on 01245 684451 or