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Thursday 21 November
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The Academic Registry's Examinations & Academic Appeals Service is responsible for the administration of our exmainations and academic appeals in accordance with Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations.

The Team comprises seven staff .pdf file led by the Examinations and Academic Appeals Manager, Lorna Kempster. The Team is located in Abbeygate House (1st Floor) in Cambridge and Eastwood House (1st Floor), Chelmsford.


Academic Appeals



The Examinations Team is responsible for the organisation, administration, security and operation of all of Anglia Ruskin's examinations for taught modules in accordance with the Academic Regulations. This includes responsibility for the production and publication of the Examination timetable, accommodation and invigilation requirements.


Examination Periods for the Academic Year: 2019/20

The Academic Calendar for the 2019/20 academic year has been published and the following periods have been designated for examinations:

  • Trimester 1 Examinations will be held from Monday 16 December 2019 until Friday 20 December 2019
  • Trimester 2 Examinations and Trimester 1 Resit Examinations will be held from 27 April 2020 until 13 May 2020
  • Trimester 2 Resit Examinations will be held from 27 July 2020 until 07 August 2020
  • Trimester 3 Examinations will be held from 03 August 2020 until 07 August 2020
  • Trimester 3 Resit Examinations will be held from 14 December 2020 until 18 December 2020

Examination Timetable

The Examination Timetable for Trimester 1 Examinations will be published on 08 November 2019.

Anglia Ruskin operates a searchable database for you to find out information specific to each of the examinations for any particular module. In addition, students and staff can also access information about examination times and dates via the main Examination Timetable web facility.

Please note that students are responsible for checking the examination timetable to find out their own personal schedule of examinations. We do not currently produce customised examination timetables for individual students. If you are unsure about which of your modules include an examination you can find out by checking:

  • The Module Guide for each module
  • Your e-Vision account (please note e-Vision merely provides information on the week when an examination is due to be held; for exact details of the date and time you must use the main web-based Examination Timetable facility as individual examination dates and times are not provided by e-Vision)


Deadlines for Coursework Assignments

Information on the deadlines for the submission of coursework assignments and other non-examination based assessment tasks are NOT provided by this website but are available via Canvas or the appropriate Faculty/School Offices.

Examinations Results

Information on how to find out your results is available via our results section. This webpage does not provide information on results for Examinations or other forms of assessment task. These are available via e-Vision in accordance with the official dates for the publication of results .pdf file. To understand your transcript and e-vision record, consult the easy to use Guide to Your Results document.

Conduct of Anglia Ruskin's Examinations

Section 6 of the Academic Regulations governs the conduct of all Examinations held in Anglia Ruskin's name at all locations (including overseas) and students are strongly advised to ensure they are fully aware of these regulations prior to the beginning of the examination period; find further information for students on the examination process.

Details on regulations are available on our Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations section.

Mitigating Circumstances

If you are unable to attend an examination due to illness or other serious reasons, you can apply for your mitigating circumstances to be considered and you may be permitted to sit (or re-sit) the examination at a future assessment period. Full details of the mitigation process, including information on the types of documentary required to support any claim for mitigation (eg: a doctor's certificate), are available in our Mitigation section.

Please note that the mitigation process is designed to assist students with serious circumstances which have prevented them from either attending an examination or which have impaired their performance during an examination. It is not designed to be used by students who have failed to ensure that they know the time and date of their examination or who have failed to prepare properly (eg: revise!) for the examination.

Specific Examination Arrangements

If you require specific arrangements because of a disability, medical condition or learning difficulty, you must register this request with a Study Support Adviser no later than ten weeks before the first examination. Requests made after this date cannot be guaranteed and you should consult your Student Handbook for advice. Any request must be accompanied by appropriate medical evidence, an educational psychologist's report or other evidence from a qualified person. Contact the Study Support Service on either our Cambridge or Chelmsford campuses for an appointment with a Study Support Adviser and for further information.

Applications to Sit Examinations at Alternative Location

Students are expected to attend examinations at their normal place of study.  In exceptional circumstances, students are permitted to sit re-assessment examinations at an alternative location.

Details of the process, criteria and eligibility for sitting re-assessments at an alternative location can be found at Criteria and Process for Alternative Location

All applications must be submitted prior to the deadlines stated below and using the Alternative Location Application Form.

Deadlines for applying to sit examinations at an alternative location

Examination Session

Deadline Date

Re-assessment from January examinations

01 May

Re-assessment from May examinations

4 weeks in advance of re-assessment examination


The student’s Faculty are responsible for making the detailed arrangements for the approval and processing of applications to sit re-assessment examinations at an alternative location, in accordance with Appendix 8 of the Senate Code of Practice on the Assessment of Students (currently being revised - link to follow)


We are always looking for people to act as examination invigilators. Experience is not necessary as we provide full training for the role. Further details are available in our Information for Invigilators section.

Further Advice

Further advice on any Examinations issue and the related regulations is available from (for Cambridge) and (for Chelmsford). [Please note that we are unable to provide details of individual examinations by e-mail or over the telephone.]

We wish all students undertaking any examination at Anglia Ruskin University the very best of luck!