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Monday 28 May
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Marksheet Processing

The Assessments and Conferments Unit is responsible for providing marksheets to Faculties and for importing marks to SITS Vision once internally moderated and externally sampled by Faculties.

A marksheet is generated for each element of each module occurence. This means that regional partners' marksheets are generated separately.

Marksheets are generated after the completion of the student and module audits. This means that only those students expected to undertake the assessment associated with modules are included. Students who have intermitted are not normally included. . Withdrawn students are only included for appropriate modules studied to complete their credit record. Necessary additions and deletions identified in the student and module audits are reflected in the marksheets.

Once generated, marksheets are placed in a secure area of the University's J drive from where they are forwaded to the nominated module tutors by Faculty administrative staff.

If further changes to module enrolment are required, for example additions and deletions not identified in the student and module audits, the following documentation is used:

Completed marksheets and Additions/Deletions sheets are checked by Faculty administrative staff before being uploaded to the J drive for import by Assessments and Conferments. The resulting reports are considered by Departmental Assessment Panels.