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Monday 9 December
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Missed the Deadline? Need to Submit Some Late Work?


Anglia Ruskin permits students to submit work up to a maximum of five working days after the published submission deadline. Work must be received by 2pm on the fifth working day.

Follow the instructions below to submit your late work.


Step 1 - How late is my work?

You can only submit late work up to a maximum of five working days (by 2pm) after the published submission deadline and which is subject to a penalty (see Step 2 below).

We will not accept work that is later than five working days.

If you have been granted an extension, you can submit you work up to a maximum of five working days (by 2pm) after the extended deadline, and which is subject to a penalty (see Step 2 below).

If you have been unable to submit your work (on-time or late) because you have been ill, you are advised to consider submitting a mitigation claim.



Step 2 - What are the consequences of handing in late work?

We will apply a penalty to work that is submitted late and within five working days (by 2pm) of the published submission deadline.

The mark for your work (eg: element 010, 011) will be capped at 40%.

This means that whatever mark you actually achieve, you will only be awarded a maximum mark of 40%.

The best way to avoid any penalty is to get your work in on time!



Step 3 - Method of Submission - in person or electronically via GradeMark?

If my work had been ready on time, I would have...

For my late work, I should...

Queuing Image

...submitted my work in person to the iCentre (or Faculty Office for oversized work)

...take my late work to the iCentre (or Faculty Office) to hand it in

Laptop Image

...submitted my work electronically via GradeMark

GradeMark will not accept my late work so follow Step 4 below



Step 4 - Select your Faculty and submit your work


(a) Click on the appropriate tile below for the Faculty in which your course is based.

(b) A new e-mail message will open with the "To" and "Subject" fields pre-populated. Do not change these.

(c) Answer the questions in the body of the e-mail message. Failure to provide all the required information is likely to delay the processing of your work.

(d) Attach your work (including, if appropriate, your Turnitin originality report) to the e-mail message.

(e) Send the e-mail. By sending this message, you are agreeing to the following:

I understand that the piece of work submitted will be considered as the final and complete version of my assignment of which I am otherwise the sole author. I understand both the meaning and consequences of plagiarism and that my work has been appropriately attributed unless otherwise stated. I have not knowingly allowed another to copy my work.

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