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The Academic Registry's Assessment Service is responsible for administering a two-tier assessment process for all taught undergraduate and postgraduate modules and courses at Anglia Ruskin University.  The Service provides advice, guidance and other useful information to academic staff and students on various aspects of the assessment process (including the Academic Regulations).  The Service also administers the conferment process for Anglia Ruskin’s academic awards, including responsibility for the provision of academic transcripts and award certificates, and makes a major contribution to the organisation of Anglia Ruskin’s Award Ceremonies.

The Service comprises a team of 14 staff lead by the Assessment Manager, Lorraine Adams. The Service is located at Abbeygate House (1st Floor) in Cambridge and Eastwood House (1st Floor) in Chelmsford. The Service's staff are organised into four assessment teams and a conferment team, supporting the four faculties, with each member of staff in the assessment teams allocated administrative responsibility for a School, its modules and its courses.

Useful Assessment Information for Students

  • Submitting Late Work - for use by students who need to submit work up to five working days after the published (or extended) deadline
  • The Mitigation Process - information for students on what to do in the event of illness of other valid cause
  • The Marking Process - information for students on the processes we employ to ensure your work is marked fairly and consistently
  • A Guide to Your Results - an easy one page guide to the various codes used on a student's academic transcript and e-vision record
  • Results Enquiry Form (AR RES) - for use by students requesting information on their module results which is not available on their academic transcript

Useful Assessment Information for Staff

  • Final Submission Deadlines - the final dates that can be set for submission of student work for each semester and trimester (including resit periods)

Assessment and Conferment Processes

Coursework Assignments

Information on the requirements and deadlines for the submission of coursework assignments and other non-examination based assessment tasks are NOT provided by this website but are available in the Module Information published on Canvas or from the appropriate Faculty/School Offices.

Examination Dates

Information on examinations, including dates, are NOT provided by this section but are available from the Academic Registry Examinations Section.

Anglia Ruskin’s Two-Tier Assessment Process

Anglia Ruskin University operates a two-tier assessment process for its taught modular provision: Tier 1 - Modular Assessment Panels (MAPs) and Tier 2 – the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board. Additionally, the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel and Faculty Student Review Subcommittees report to the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board. The Assessment Service provides a servicing function for all four of these committees. The Academic Regulations provide further details of this structure.

Modular Assessment Panels (MAPs)

MAPs are responsible for overseeing the assessment of modules, ensuring that appropriate academic standards are set and achieved and for overseeing the processes for marking and moderation. The objectives of the MAP meeting are to agree the module results, ensure that the External Examiners are satisfied that the modules have been delivered to a satisfactory standard, that discrepancies have been discussed, and that students have been fairly assessed. The Panels consider statistical information such as mean marks and standard deviation to inform their work. Anglia Ruskin currently has 35 MAPs which can meet between three to six times in every academic year. All MAPs include External Examiners who are experienced academic staff from other UK Higher Education Institutions and/or industry and who attend and advise MAPs and help to ensure Anglia Ruskin’s assessment processes and outcomes are comparable to those elsewhere in the sector.

Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel

The Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel considers claims of mitigating circumstances from students and makes recommendations to the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board on whether such claims should be approved. Information for students who wish to submit a claim for mitigating circumstances should consult our Mitigation webpage.

Faculty Student Review Subcommittees

The Faculty Student Review Subcommittees consider the outcomes of MAPs and the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel and undertake the detailed review of students’ academic progress. This includes making recommendations on issues such as retaking modules with attendance, replacing modules, compensation, transferring courses, progression, discontinuation and the conferment of awards to the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board.

Anglia Ruskin Awards Board

The Anglia Ruskin Awards Board is responsible for the assessment of students’ overall progress, receiving module results from the appropriate MAPs and recommendations from the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel and each Faculty Student Review Subcommittee. Where appropriate, the Board confers Anglia Ruskin’s awards in the name of the Senate. The Board includes External Examiners who are experienced academic staff from other UK Higher Education Institutions and/or industry and who attend and advise the Board and help to ensure Anglia Ruskin’s assessment processes and outcomes are comparable to those elsewhere in the sector. 

Graduation Ceremonies

At the end of the assessment process, the Conferment team within the Assessment Service is responsible for the provision of certificates, repeat transcripts and verification of awards as well as all student related aspects of Anglia Ruskin's Graduation Ceremonies.  Further information is available on our graduation web pages


Certificates which are not collected by graduates after each award ceremony are sent out by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery within 4-6 weeks of the Awards Board. They are sent to the HOME ADDRESS held on Anglia Ruskin University's central student administration database. It is the student's responsibility to keep this address up to date and there may be a charge made for repeat postage if your certificate is returned to us. If you are an international student and you are not returning to your home country please make sure that you update your home address through e-Vision.

Click here for more information on replacement certificates, damaged certificates and transcripts

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Assessment Process

Anglia Ruskin's policies with regard to assessment are described in the Senate Code of Practice on the Assessment of Students.