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Monday 19 August
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Departmental Assessment Panels

The objectives of the DAP meeting are to agree the module results, ensure that the External Examiners are satisfied that the modules have been delivered to a satisfactory standard, that discrepancies have been discussed, and the students have been fairly assessed.

At the DAP, each module leader:

  • confirms the module marks having moderated and checked for accuracy prior to the DAP;
  • comments on the module statistics. Particular reference is made to the mark ranges across the deliveries of the same module, highlighting high failure rates, sampling of assessed work, delivery problems, or particular successes.

For modules at level two or above, the External Examiner is invited to comment. At the conclusion of the discussion of each module, the DAP agrees its module results. Resit arrangements for students who have been deferred on modules default to a standard procedure (eg repeat original assignment, or take new exam) so that only exceptions to the standard are recorded at the DAP.

At the end of the meeting, outstanding mark sheets are the responsibility of Heads of Department. Outstanding marksheets, or late individual marks, are submitted to the Executive Secretary and module results are agreed by the DAP Chair.

Module statistics are tabled at the meeting to ensure that the very latest data, including where possible late marks, is considered by the DAP.

DAP meetings last a maximum of two hours and their decisions are recorded by the Executive Secretary on the student records system. This data is incorporated into documentation prepared for the Faculty Student Review Subcommittee and the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board.