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Examinations and Academic Appeals

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The Academic Registry's Examinations & Academic Appeals Service is responsible for the administration of our exmainations and academic appeals in accordance with Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations.


Academic Appeals

Full details of the Academic Appeals process are set out in Section 9 of the Academic Regulations which includes a flow diagram which summarises the appeals process. Any student who is considering submitting an academic appeal is strongly advised to consult this section of the Academic Regulations and to discuss the matter with their Course Leader, Student Adviser and/or the Students' Union prior to the submission of any academic appeal.

Grounds for an Academic Appeal

A student has the right to appeal against a decision of the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board on the following grounds:

  • that there has been a material administrative error, or that the assessment(s) was not conducted in accordance with the Academic Regulations governing the course, or that some other material irregularity has occurred.

A student may not appeal on any ground which:

  • disputes only the academic judgement of the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board concerning the student's performance in any academic work and/or work-based component of the course;
  • presents mitigating circumstances to explain that his/her performance in an assessment was adversely affected by illness or other factors unless evidence is provided that a corresponding mitigation claim has been duly submitted to the Anglia Ruskin Mitigation Panel but has not been considered in accordance with the Regulations governing the mitigation process (Academic Regulations, Section 6).

Lodging an Academic Appeal

All academic appeals must be submitted to the Academic Appeals Team by specified deadlines which are linked to date of the relevant Anglia Ruskin Awards Board and the date of the Official Publication of Results.

All academic appeals must be notified by use of the official Notification of Appeal Pro-forma

Students who wish to pursue an appeal further after it has been considered by the Preliminary Review Panel should complete the official Request for an Appeals Panel Hearing Pro-forma.

Further advice

Further generic advice on the Academic Appeals process and related regulations is available from

Further information can be found on the Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations section.

Academic Appeals for Postgraduate Research Students

If you are a postgraduate research student and wish to submit an academic appeal, please refer to the Research Degrees Regulations for information regarding the submission of an academic appeal. You will need to complete this form Academic Appeal Form (RD18)