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Monday 25 January
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The Academic Regulations

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The Academic Regulations provide the regulatory framework for Anglia Ruskin's taught undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, setting and maintaining the academic standard of all courses leading to an Anglia Ruskin award at all delivery points including UK and international Associate Colleges.

The Academic Regulationsare monitored and maintained by the Academic Regulations Subcommittee (reporting to the Senate's Academic Standards & Quality Committee). Any proposals for revisions to the Academic Regulations are developed by the Subcommittee and submitted to the Senate for formal approval.

Thirteenth Edition (August 2020)

The Senate approved amendments to the Academic Regulations in June 2020 and these apply for the 2020/21 academic year -

  • These regulations are only available in an electronic format - both of the full document and of individual sections - can be downloaded from the links below;

The Thirteenth Edition (August 2020) of the Academic Regulations in their entirety

The Twelfth Edition (August 2020) of the Academic Regulations section by section


A summary of the amendments made in the Thirteenth Edition of the Academic Regulations

Section 1: Foreword

  • Introduction
  • Senate Codes of Practice
  • Website

Section 2: Anglia Ruskin University Awards

  • List of Anglia Ruskin Awards
  • Definitions
  • General Principles of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Curriculum
  • Curriculum Structure
  • Academic Standard of Anglia Ruskin Awards

Section 3:Curriculum Structures and Duration of Study

  • Design Principles for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Curriculum
  • Academic Calendar
  • Period of Registration
  • General Requirements of Students
  • Student Registration
  • Intermission

Section 4:Admissions

  • Principles
  • Age of Entrants
  • General Entry Requirements
  • Specific Entry Requirements
  • Applicants for Whom English is not the First Language
  • Accreditation of Prior Learning (APCL/APEL)
  • Applicants with a Criminal Conviction
  • Disabled Applicants and Applicants with Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Fraudulent Applications

Section 5: Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities

  • Student Conduct
  • Student Rights
  • Student Responsibilities

Section 6: Assessment

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Assessment
  • Principles
  • Equity and Clarity in Assessment
  • Objectivity and Independence in Assessment
  • Language of Assessment
  • Module Assessment
  • Submission of Work for Assessment
  • Short Term Extensions
  • Long Term Extensions
  • Exceeding Word Limits
  • Module Re-assessment: Number of Attempts, Form, Timing and Module Result
  • Retaking or Replacing a Failed Module After Re-assessment
  • Compensation
  • Exceptional Circumstances: Procedure in the Event of Illness or Other Valid Cause
  • Conduct of Anglia Ruskin Examinations (including examinations held at locations outside Anglia Ruskin University or overseas)
  • Individual Assessment Requirements

Section 7: Assessment Panels and Awards Board

  • Introduction
  • Modular Assessment Panels (MAPs)
  • The Anglia Ruskin Exceptional CircumstancesPanel
  • The Anglia Ruskin Awards Board
  • School Post Awards Board Panels
  • External Examiners
  • Delegation of Responsibility (Chair's Action)

Section 8: Student Progression and Continuation and the Conferment of Awards

  • Student Progression
  • Academic Failure - Discontinuation
  • Accredited Prior Learning (APCL/APEL)
  • Student-Initiated Course Transfer
  • Eligibility for an Award
  • Classification of Awards
  • Aegrotat Awards
  • Posthumous Awards

Section 9: Academic Appeals

  • Introduction
  • Grounds for an Appeal
  • Submitting an appeal
  • Initial Scrutiny
  • Stage 1 - Investigating an Appeal
  • Stage 2 - Panel Hearing
  • Office of the Independent Adjudicator

Section 10: Academic Misconduct

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Initial Reporting of Suspected Academic Misconduct
  • Stage 1: Faculty Investigation
  • Stage 2: Panel Hearing
  • Penalties
  • Office of the Independent Adjudicator

Section 11: Results, Conferment, Award Certificates and Transcripts

  • Publication of Results
  • Conferment of Anglia Ruskin Awards
  • Award Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Retracting Anglia Ruskin Credit or an Award after Conferment

Appendix 1

URLs for academic policies and other useful documentation

Appendix 2

Minimum and maximum periods of registration for students admitted with Accredited Prior Learning (APCL/APEL)

Appendix 3

Minimum and maximum periods of registration for students admitted with Accredited Prior Learning (APCL/APEL)

Appendix 4

Details of the 60 credits per year, 75 credits per year and 90 credits per year delivery models for part-time study

Appendix 5

Operational Models for Component Assessment


A full index to the Academic Regulations, organised by regulatory references

Previous Editions (superceded by the above and for information only) of the Academic Regulations

Training and Staff Development

The Academic Registry provides training for staff on the main aspects of the Academic Regulationsin November and May of each year but these are currently suspended due to the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Bookings should be made via self-service. Navigate to the course catalogue (found under Your Employment tab, Your Development section). Enter 'regulations' into the search box; from the dropdown menu select 'Academic Regulations', tab and then click on 'Search'. The scheduled dates will appear below, click on 'sign up' next to the session you wish to attend and then 'save'. Once your booking has been authorised by your Line Manager we'll send you an outlook calendar invite to confirm this booking.

Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students

Anglia Ruskin's Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students (RRPS) are approved and published by the Board of Governors and detail non-academic related regulations with which students are required to comply during their period of registration at Anglia Ruskin.

The RRPS are managed by the Office of the Secretary and Clerk and are available to view via the Secretary and Clerk's webpages.

Research Degrees Regulations

Anglia Ruskin's Research Degrees Regulations govern our postgraduate research provision including PhD, MPhil and Professional Doctorate courses.


If you have any questions about the Academic Regulations, including queries regarding the interpretation and/or application of the Regulations, please e-mail these to the Academic Registrar, Paul Baxter.