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Thursday 21 September
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IT Services News

27 July 2017: Teaching Room Technologies! to support the Windows 10 and Office 2016 upgrade

We have now released additional training sessions for academics on the use of classroom technology equipment, this is in order to support the Windows 10 and Office 2016 desktop upgrade project that will be going on over the summer as well as to introduce new academics and refresh current teaching staff in the features and functions of a typical teaching space.

Join Jason Williams, Anglia Learning and Teaching and Sarah Gyles, IT Services to discuss what needs to be considered during content delivery design? What do you find when you arrive in a classroom? How can you incorporate some of the interactive technologies to engage students and how do you go about getting started?

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A brief introduction to the new Windows 10 and office 2016 environment.
  2. An understanding of what to consider before you arrive
  3. Competent in the use of the typical room technologies
  4. Raised awareness of systems and tools beyond the classroom
  5. How to resolve the most frequently asked questions
  6. How to get in touch with the right support as required
  7. How to increase student engagement in the classroom
  8. How make your teaching accessible

All dates throughout August 2017- December 2017 can be found on the ITS Events page - Teaching Room Technologies listings.

For more information on the Desktop refresh project, please see our Project Information page on the ITS website.

13 July 2017: IT Services Roadshow! Staff Ask IT Sessions

The Customer Support Team are piloting an IT services roadshow throughout Summer and Autumn 2017. We will be coming to lobbies and reception areas throughout the Chelmsford campus to bring IT support directly to your offices!

The kind of things you can ask us about:

  • Getting Wi-Fi on your devices
  • Archiving and searching emails
  • Registering for Password Manager
  • Getting headsets for online learning
  • Classroom technologies
  • ...or anything else!

The currently upcoming scheduled dates are:

  • Monday 17 July, Marconi, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 7 August, Tindal, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 9 October, Ashby House, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 13 November, Michael Salmon, 11am 1.30pm
  • Monday 11 December, William Harvey, 11am 1.30pm

So come along, wed love to meet in person many of the people we help on a daily basis. For more information and dates follow us on twitter @aru_itsnews

10 July 2017: Desktop Upgrade project - information for staff

What are we doing?

Were planning major enhancements to our student and staff desktop environments this summer, when we will upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Weve been working closely with coordinators from each of our Faculties and Professional Services to collect inventory data and confirm software compatibility. Well release our first trial version to volunteers in July.

Along with the work on Windows 10 were preparing a new email environment, based around Microsoft Exchange 2016 and an improved email archive environment, which will be released at the same time as our new desktop.

When will it happen?

We will begin pilots for the new desktops in July 2017. The new desktop available in our student open access areas, on lecterns and in some staff areas by early September. Upgrades to staff computers will continue throughout the new academic year and we will finish by the end of May 2018.

What we need from you in the meantime

  • You will need to move your files to your H: drive before the upgrade begins. We can provide additional space if your data requirements exceed 4GB of storage. Instructions for migrating data and your user profile information can be found here.
  • You will need to tell your faculty co-ordinator about any locally installed or specialist applications that run on your machine. You must check that this software is compatible with Windows 10 and Office 16. We will assist with the installation of a Windows 10 compatible version, post-upgrade, if an appropriate licence is available.

Learn about Office and Windows 10

We have a number of courses you can attend to learn more about the Office 2016 and Windows 10 project, or more specifically about Outlook 2016 and Excel 2016. As well as our recommended Office 2016 playlist.

For teaching staff, we highly recommend that you attend the Teaching Room Technologies session to learn about the Office 2016 and Windows 10 upgrades in teaching spaces.

How do I find out more?

We will provide regular progress updates on our Windows 10 and Office 16 project page. You can also contact Alec Coleman, our project manager at for more information.

28 March 2017: Top 10 Things to know about ASTRA

The Top 10 Things to know about ASTRA has been updated. This update includes:

  1. What is ASTRA?
  2. ASTRA Jargon Buster
  3. Academic Model
  4. Emailing from ASTRA
  5. ASTRA Upgrade
  6. e:Vision Videos
  7. Export to Clipboard
  8. Retrieve Templates
  9. LinkIt
  10. Further Resources

We have also added new dates for the Emailing from ASTRA training sessions, these are:

  • Wednesday 26 April 2017, Cambridge
  • Tuesday 2 May 2017, Peterborough
  • Tuesday 9 May 2017, Chelmsford
  • Tuesday 6 June 2017, Cambridge

To book your place, please visit IT Services Events.

For system and project news and announcements follow us on Twitter at @aru_ITSNews

21 March 2017: Desktop Upgrade Project

What are we doing?

Were planning major enhancement to our student and staff desktop environments this summer when we will upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016. Although there have been significant changes to back-office services over the last couple of years, this will be the most visible improvement to our desktop experience since 2014.

We will be working closely with nominated coordinators from each of our Faculties and Professional Services, to help ensure that the work go as smoothly as possible.

Maintaining an up to date desktop environment that matches personal experience at home, at work and across the Higher Education community is an essential part of meeting the expectations of students and staff.

We are also preparing to migrate our staff email system to Microsoft Exchange 2016 during the summer. You wont see any immediate changes to your experience after the work is complete, but it further prepares us to begin moving staff services to the cloud as we have already done with our student Office 365 service.

When will it happen?

We begin pilots for the new desktop after Easter. Assuming that there are no issues, we will make the new desktop available in our student open access areas, on lecterns and in some staff areas before the end of August. The upgrades to staff computers will continue into the 2017-2018 academic year; we aim to finish by the end of May 2018.

How do I find out more?

We will be regularly updating information about the improvements and upgrade schedule on our project page over the coming months. You can also contact Alec Coleman, our project manager who is running the project, at for more information.

08 March 2017: Paying Your Fees Through e:Vision

The Paying Your Fees through e:Vision video on MyPlayer has now been updated.

To find out how to pay your fees through e:Vision, please follow the link below to watch the video.

Paying Your Fees Through e:Vision

20 February 2017: New IT Training Course - Emailing from ASTRA

Following a series of successful pilot sessions, the new Emailing from ASTRA training session is now available.

This 2 hour session will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to email groups of students directly from ASTRA. Delegates will also explore how to find any emails sent to students via ASTRA and how to identify emails that have failed to send. They will also explore techniques on how to extract email address lists.

In order to attend these sessions, you must first complete the Introduction to ASTRA course. To view dates and book onto the new course please see the ITS events page.

3 February 2017: Remote Desktop Log Off Reminder

In order to ensure the Remote Desktop service is working effectively for all students and staff, please can you remember to disconnect fully at the end of your session.

Just like a desktop PC, you must select Start > Log Off.

Although it is tempting to just close your Remote Desktop session using the X button at the top of the Remote Desktop, this only closes the window. You are still logged on.

At peak work times, inactive sessions can slow the service for others and may prevent someone else from logging in for up to 40 minutes.

During peak work times, this can mean there are many users that are connected but inactive, leading to a slower service for others.

Please ensure you are logged out correctly at the end of your session.

31 January 2017: Upgrading to Dreamweaver CC (2015)

We have upgraded Dreamweaver CS5 to Dreamweaver CC (2015). Adobe Dreamweaver CC (2015) replaces Dreamweaver CS5, and is used to update our internal intranet webpages.

This new version of the software is available on all staff profiles as standard and can be accessed from the Start> All Programs menu.

Dreamweaver CC (2015) offers a refreshed interface, improved functionality and tool enhancements. Users of Dreamweaver CS5 must migrate any sites for which they are responsible to Dreamweaver CC (2015).

  • To migrate your site, you will need to use the Dreamweaver Export function to save all your site settings - including password and server setting information - from Dreamweaver CS5 and then import them into Dreamweaver CC (2015).
  • Step-by-step Instructions on for migrating your existing site settings from Dreamweaver CS5 to CC (2015) are available on our Dreamweaver CC 2015 information pages.
  • You will need to repeat this process for each site that you have stored in Dreamweaver CS5. Once completed, you will then manage any further web updates using Dreamweaver CC (2015).

Dreamweaver CS5 will no longer be available for use from 31st March 2017.

For further information on Dreamweaver CC 2015 please see our web information pages.

13 January 2017: Jez Rose Behaviourist and Services expert DVDs and video viewing

We now have access to two training DVDs presented by renowned behaviourist and services expert, Jez Rose. The two DVDs, Motivation & Mindset and Customer Service cover topics such as:

  • Why we behave the way we do
  • The secrets of how to become and remain motivated and beat procrastination
  • What truly motivates you
  • How to develop and maintain a positive mind-set to help you achieve your goals
  • What Jez knows to be the most important element of delivering extraordinary customer service
  • How to get other people impassioned to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service
  • What to do when it goes wrong
  • How to create real, tangible moments that deliver long-term emotional impact for customers

We will hold a viewing session of the Customer Service DVD in the Ashby House Training Room 301 on Tuesday 14 March, between 13:00 14:45. The session is open to all staff; if you would like to attend this viewing session, or are interested in loaning the DVDs, please email

Toby Farrow, IT Services

16 December 2016: UCISA CISG-PCMG Conference

In November 4 members of IT Services went along to the UCISA CISG-PCMG conference in Brighton. Run by the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), The Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) and its sister group, Project and Change Management Group (PCMG), the conference looks at all aspects of information technology services in Higher Education.

The team attended a variety of talks on topics from Agile Projects and project sponsorship to cloud services and multifactor authentication. There was also a clear theme of how to make change within an organisation and how important people and strong teams are to implementing these changes.

One particular talk our Service Desk Senior Analyst, Glenn Hearnah found interesting was the talk given by Sally Bogg from Leeds Beckett University.ucisa Sally’s presentation identified ways of ensuring that the Service Desk is engaged with IT projects from the start, and ensuring that Projects are appropriately handed over to the Service Desk before sign off.
Glenn and his team will be looking to use some of the ideas from the talk to further improve their work with ITS project managers.

The team also used the time to network with a variety of exhibitors such as Dell, Lenovo, Lapsafe, Microsoft and Proof ID. These connections have also proved to be useful when arranging some tester devices for our up and coming laptop focus groups.

Sarah Gyles, IT Services

14 December 2016: Emailing from ASTRA

Emails can be sent to Applicants, Students or Staff directly from ASTRA using Standard Report Letters (SRL) functionality. Each email is sent as a separate message, so multiple recipients do not see each others details. Users of ASTRA have access to a blank email template simply coded as EMAIL. This SRL is accessible from a number of screens and can be used on an ad hoc basis. Staff also have the option to extract email addresses which can be copied into Outlook.

For this guide and further resources such as the Exploring the Academic Model guide, please see the ASTRA webpage of information.

13 December 2016: IT Services upcoming events 2017 Spring Courses

We have now published our list of upcoming events from January end May 2017. This includes new dates for Excel Essentials, Excel PivotTables, Outlook, ASTRA courses, as well as Web Authoring and the popular Teaching Room Technologies.

If you would like us to arrange any bespoke sessions for you and your team, for Qlikview,, Skype for Business or other topics please get in touch with the IT Training Team.

We have a number of published dates for the IT Training Clinic too, these sessions are an opportunity for you to do many online study courses such as, Microsoft Imagine Academy or online HR courses away from your desk and the ringing phone!

12 December 2016: Customer Support Team 2016 Christmas Opening Times

The IT Services Customer Support Team will be available at the following times over the Christmas period.

  • Monday 19 December 2016: 08:00 - 18:00 (normal opening hours)
  • Tuesday 20 December 2016: 08:00 - 18:00 (normal opening hours)
  • Wednesday 21 December 2016: 08:00 - 18:00 (normal opening hours)
  • Thursday 22 December 2016: 08:00 - 18:00 (normal opening hours)
  • Friday 23 December 2016: 09:00 - 12:50 (late opening, early closing)

We will be closed for the period Monday 26 December - Monday 2 January 2017 inclusive.

Normal service resumes Tuesday 3 January 2017.

Our normal opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00

If you have any enquiries, please get in touch with the Customer Support Team.

8 December 2016: Updating your Skype for Business profile image

You now have the choice of displaying either a branded ARU logo or your staff profile picture as your Skype for Business profile image. Having an image helps colleagues, students and our contacts to trust that the person they are communicating with are part of the Anglia Ruskin community.

For instructions of how to opt in - for your staff profile image to be displayed or opt out for an ARU badge to be displayed, please see the Skype for Business webpage of information .

Skype Profile Settings

If you have any difficulties or enquiries, please get in touch with the Customer Support Team.

1 December 2016: Get IT Sorted - Semester 2 2017 sessions

Bring your mobile devices along to one of our popular Get IT Sorted drop-in sessions we'll help get you connected to our Wi-Fi service, student email and lots of other really useful services. There's no need to book, just bring along your devices to one of the following sessions:


  • Thursday 26 January - Thursday 2 February - 13:00-16:00 - The Street, Lord Ashcroft Building


  • Thursday 26 January - Thursday 2 February - 13:00-16:00 - Queen's Library Reception

Details are available in your Welcome Pack or contact our Student IT Helpdesk. Please also see for more information.

21 November 2016: Eduroam Installer instructions now online

We have now published our Eduroam installer instructions online for all ARU students and staff. The eduroam installer allows users an easy way to get connected to our eduroam network by selecting their device type and downloading the appropriate installer.

For instructions on how to use the eduroam installer, please see our eduroam information pages.

19 November 2016: Higher Education Expo 2016

This September the IT Training team attended the Higher Education Expo. This show brings together over 1200 members of the Higher education sector to make new connections and discuss challenges institutions face on a variety of different topics.
This year the show focused on 4 different zones, Facilities and Technology, Marketing and Admissions, Student Experience and Research and Collaboration.
A talk that we found particularly interesting was the Jisc presentation on Building Digital Capability. The presentation highlighted how students compare their digital experiences and the expectations of Universities to prepare students for a digital workplace and the need to ensure ‘Bring Your Own Device’ capabilities.
Jisc have been working with key stakeholders across the higher education sector to create a digital capabilities framework which not only looks at Students digital capabilities via a skills benchmarking tool, the Student digital Experience but also ensuring that the skills staff need are identified to ensure that they are supported and succeed in a digital environment.
The framework is broken down in to 6 key elements:

  • Information, data and media literacies
  • Digital creation innovation and scholarship
  • Digital learning and self-development
  • Communication, collaboration and participation
  • ICT Proficiency
  • Digital identity and wellbeing

Each of these competencies are supported by a suite of tools that will help individuals identify their current digital skills and how these can be developed further.
It is hope that the framework will help institutions identify areas of weakness and help to shape development plans for the future. 

Sarah Gyles, IT Services

17 November 2016: Lynda competition winners announced

At the start of semester we ran our ARU Study Skills playlist competition for all new and returning students to help them brush up on their study skills and also give them the opportunity to win a voucher prize bundle worth 75.00!

We are pleased to announce Julia Maisen as the overall winner of our 75.00 voucher bundle, and our 2 runners up, Kolby Turpin and Sandesh Heer who each take away 60.00 worth of vouchers.

Don't worry if you have missed this competition, our ARU Study skills playlist is still available for you to view.

For more information on, please see our web pages

Our Overall Lynda Winner, Julia Maisen

Lynda winner, Julia Maisen

28 October 2016: Mobile App Video

A few weeks ago we released our Mobile App video for students and staff.

The video demonstrates how to download the mobile app to a device and takes a tour around some of the apps key features such as viewing student timetables, maps and event itinerary's.

You can check out our Mobile App video at

24 October 2016: Accessible Templates Available

We now have a range of templates available for both students and staff to produce accessible PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word documents.

The templates have been optimised to combine the Anglia Ruskin branding with accessible design and use font sizes and contrasting colours that have been selected to ensure that your document is accessible to a wider audience.

For staff who create external facing communications, there are three combinations of accessible corporate colour templates available black on white, navy on white and white on navy but please note that you will need to have the Stag font installed on your machine to use these.

To download the accessible templates for Windows or Mac, visit the IT Services Software Installers and Downloads page.

For members of staff who require the Stag font, please contact the IT Customer Support team.

15 September 2016: IT Services Skydive for Chelmsford CHESS Charity

A huge thankyou to everyone in IT Services for your sponsorship and words of encouragement! Glenn Hearnah and I completed our tandem skydives on Sunday 11 September, it was a beautiful clear and sunny day, perfect conditions for throwing ourselves from a plane. A couple of pictures below from just before our dives, the smiling faces hiding the mounting nerves well! Personally I found the whole ordeal terrifying but well worth it for the fantastic amount we raised for CHESS.

The 500 raised will go towards supporting individuals who come on the Chelmsford Chess programme via the Night Shelter. The Night Shelter provides individuals with their own bedroom along with the use of hygiene and laundry facilities, hot meals and drinks. Each individual gets allocated a support worker who works with them to address any issues they may have and help them to move on in their lives, gaining independence and hopefully becoming active members of society again. Individuals also have the opportunity of seeing a counsellor who helps people through any issues they may have.

If you are interested in supporting CHESS by doing a skydive or in a more down-to-earth way please contact Lindsay Hurrell - or visit the website

Many thanks once again for your support.

Ros Newton, IT Services

30 August 2016: Get IT Sorted

Bring your mobile devices along to one of our popular Get IT Sorted drop-in sessions we'll help get you connected to our Wi-Fi service, student email and lots of other really useful services. There's no need to book, just bring along your devices to one of the following sessions:


  • Monday 19 September to Friday 30 September - 13:00-16:30 - The Street, Lord Ashcroft Building
  • Friday 16 September - 13:00-16:30 - International Orientation session - The Street, Lord Ashcroft Building
  • Friday 23 September - 09:30-16:00 - Freshers' Fair - Kelsey Kerridge


  • Monday 19 September to Friday 30 September - 12:30-16:30 - University Library, Queen's Building
  • Friday 16 September - 12:30-16:30 - International Orientation session - University Library, Queen's Building
  • Wednesday 21 September - 09:30-16:00 - Freshers' Fair - Freshers' Marquee


  • Monday 19 September - 13:00-14:00 - Freshers' Fair - 1st Floor, Guild House
  • Tuesday 20 September - 09:00-12:00 - 1st Floor, Guild House
  • Tuesday 4 October - 11:00-16:00 - UCP 011, University Centre Peterborough
  • Wednesday 12 October - 11:00-16:00 - UCP 011, University Centre Peterborough

We'll also be attending the following Faculty events:

  • Monday 19 September - 10:00-12:00 - LAIBS Faculty event (Chelmsford)
  • Tuesday 20 September - 10:00-12:00 - LAIBS Faculty event (Cambridge)
  • Wednesday 21 September - 13:00-14:00 - FMS Faculty event (Cambridge)
  • Thursday 22 September - 13:00-14:30 - FMS Faculty event (Chelmsford)

Details are available in your Welcome Pack or contact our Student IT Helpdesk. Please also see for more information.

22 August 2016: IT Services staff training courses published for Autumn

We have now scheduled face to face training courses for the forthcoming semester.

Other courses such as Groups & Playlists and Introduction to Skype for Business can be run by demand so please get in touch. If you need a quiet place to complete online study such as courses, Microsoft Imagine Academy courses or HR Online courses then please take a look at our IT Training Clinic dates where you can study in staff PC labs.

Spaces for some courses fill up quickly so please remember to get your line managers permission before signing up.

19 August 2016: Wi-Fi instructional video now online

We have just released our Wi-Fi video which is the latest video in our Up and Running series of instructional videos that we have been releasing over the last few days.

Our Wi-Fi instructional video shows you how to get connected to our Wi-Fi network eduroam and also where you can find further support if you need to.

You can check out our Wi-Fi video at

18 August 2016: Skype for Business now available on your mobile devices

Good news, you can now get Skype for Business on your mobile devices to stay connected whilst on the go. Skype for Business is our communication and collaboration tool which offers Instant message, audio and video chat.

Available for iOS, Android and Window devices, users will just need to go to their device app store and download the Skype for Business App.

As part of our Up and Running series of instructional videos we have just released our Skype for Business Mobile video which shows you how to get Skype for Business on to your mobile devices.

You can check out our Skype for Business Video at

17 August 2016: instructional video now available

Today sees the release of the third video from our Up and Running Series of instructional videos, overview. This video demonstrates how to log in to, provides a quick tour of the interface and functionality as well as where to find further support if required. You can check out our video at

16 August 2016: Remote Desktop instructional video now available

We have just released our Remote Desktop video which is the second video in our series of short instructional videos that we will be releasing this week.

Our Remote Desktop instructional video shows you how to download our Remote Desktop application to your devices and where you can find further support if you need to.

You can check out our Remote Desktop video at

15 August 2016: Password Manager instructional video now available

We have just released our Password Manager video which is the first video in our series of short instructional videos that we will be releasing this week.

Password Manager allows members of Anglia Ruskin to manage their password information online and provides an easy way of resetting your password through the creation of a security question profile.

This short video gives users a short tour around the system and demonstrates how to log in, set up your question and answer profile where you can reset your password from any thin client machine.

Check out our Password Manager video at

11 August 2016: IT Services doubles it's donation to Mission Ukraine

Still recovering from medical and social issues of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Chernihiv Medical Centre, or Revival as it is better known, carries out complex medical and social rehabilitation for children with problems of the central nervous system, learning difficulties and other conditions that lead to social exclusion. Anglia Ruskin University has developed links with the Centre through organisations such as Aid UK, which has been a constant support for the last 12 years to the children cared for at Revival.

Last year IT Services was able to donate 12 laptops plus equipment to support the education centres. This year the Customer Support Team have pulled together another 23 laptops, a number of projectors, speakers systems and other media and AV equipment to send with the project team. We hope to hear in a few months how it is being used.

Mission Ukraine is run by Anglia Ruskin Chaplaincy, for more information on the event please contact Tony Cant or visit the Mission Ukraine website.

05 August 2016: Enhancements to our Guest Wi-Fi service

Ruskin Guest is our University's guest Wi-Fi service. It is available for visitors and delegates of University hosted conferences and events. To obtain free internet connectivity across all of our campuses via wireless connections (Wi-Fi), visitors and delegates require a PIN. This can be obtained by the host, on behalf of the guest, by logging in to our Wi-Fi PIN Page. If you have any queries regarding access to this page please speak with the Customer Support Team.

Access will last for up to seven days. For large events we do recommend speaking with your IT Services Business Relationship Manager.

For all information and frequently asked questions on the student, staff or guest access to Wi-Fi please visit our eduroam and Guest Wi-Fi information page at:

04 July 2016: Supporting Chelmsford CHESS Charity

We are delighted to support Chelmsford CHESS Charity this week. After seeing their appeal on Facebook asking for donations of a few everyday essentials we were able to get together a bundle of much needed products in a few short days.

CHESS seeks to relieve homelessness and related hardship and distress amongst single adults in Chelmsford and Essex, through the provision of support services and temporary accommodation that helps them move on in their lives. If you would like to know more please visit their website, at

If you have items to donate please let us know by emailing and we will arrange collection with the CHESS team.

Here are just some of the items that have been donated over the weekend, by Monday morning we had more!

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