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Sunday 23 April
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Car travel

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For some, driving is the only option. Parking is not available at our Cambridge and Chelmsford campus, with the exception of Blue badge holders, however some car parking is available for students at Chelmsford during weekday evenings after 4.30pm, at weekends and bank holidays.

As it is not possible to park at our campuses we recommend using the park and ride sites, public car parks and join our car sharing scheme.

Electric charge point

We provide an electric car charge point in our Mildmay carpark at our Chelmsford campus for 2 vehicles for ARU staff and students. The points need to be booked in advance and parking and electric charges apply. Full details can be found in our electric car charging point policy. We would also like to make you aware of our car parking rules.

Car clubs

Cambridge has a car club which could be a great alternative to car ownership or rental.

Car sharing

Car sharing could help you save money as well as doing your bit for the environment.

Our car sharing scheme has been set up with to encourage car journeys to be shared and is free for staff and students to use.

You can car share on regular journeys or even one off journeys. The more journeys you share the more you save.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for their own safety. offer some useful information on their website.


What happens if I do not find a suitable match for my journey?
Your request will only search staff and students who have registered. It is possible to widen your search using the full network.

Is it possible to find travelling companions of the same gender (i.e. only females)?
Yes, through our advanced search you can select male or female matches.

I do not drive. Can I still join
Yes, you do not have to be a car driver to join as you can register as a passenger.

How do I contact the driver/passenger?
Having selected a suitable travelling match, you should make contact using the message centre on the website, to agree a time and place to meet.

How do I work out the travel fare? suggests that drivers and passengers split the cost of petrol and parking. Please note that drivers should not make a profit from car-sharing as in most countries this can invalidate their insurance and tax. If you have any concerns please contact your insurance company directly. If you are claiming business mileage then you cannot ask your work colleagues for petrol money as the business mileage covers this. Don't forget you can claim an extra 5p a mile for each passenger.

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