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Tuesday 25 July
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Statement from the Chaplaincy

Everyone will be feeling for those caught up in the horrific attack on Monday evening. We will also be aware of the damage this can do to our society, a damage intended by the terrorists as much as the loss of life and major injuries. One dimension is an increased tension between people of different faiths and none. This might lead to attacks on Muslims and those who look like Muslims.

Much more common will be feelings, perhaps expressed verbally, that Muslims ought to apologise, or to go out of their way to condemn these atrocities. Natural those these feelings might be, they expose a gulf to be bridged in the lack of the assumption that Muslims are like everyone else and obviously share the sense of outrage and horror. Also, although those involved in the run-up to the attack are to blame, the wider Muslim community is no more responsible than the other communities in Britain. All of us bear a responsibility to go out of our way to build a common, peaceable society.

We in the chaplaincy, therefore, stand with our sister Sidra in this statement she has made:

My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives or were injured in the terrorist atrocity at the Manchester Arena on Monday 22nd May.

As Muslims, we deplore and condemn this inhumane taking of innocent lives.

Let us stand together to oppose terrorism and the criminals that promote it.

Let us also uphold and strengthen the unity of our society and work to ensure that it is a positive and harmonious one, where everyone can live safely and without fear.

It is vital that we all work together to build bridges and positive relationships and to enable difficult issues to be resolved peacefully.

We know that each time a terrorist attack occurs, certain groups within society become the target of verbal and physical abuse by racists who mistakenly blame Muslims for the actions of extremists. We must stand, likewise, against this. An attack on one is an attack on all.

We support the many people at this time in the country who are working for good community relations.

Peace to all.

Sidra Naeem

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