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Wednesday 23 August
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Study Skills Plus

Enhance your chances of success by creating your own Study Skills Plus programme from these activities and resources.

Book a Numeracy and Maths Coach

What is a Numeracy and Maths Coach for?

Working with a Numeracy and Maths Coach can enable you to build confidence in your numeracy, mathematics and statistics skills. It can help you to develop your ability to study the subject area independently. You can book a one-to-one meeting with a Numeracy and Maths Coach to discuss:

  • Identifying areas of strength and weakness within your existing abilities
  • Developing your numerical and mathematical confidence and abilities
  • Resources or workshops that you might use to increase your knowledge of mathematics or statistics

This list is not exhaustive; you can discuss your specific needs with your Numeracy and Maths Coach.

If youre not sure, why not come along to one of the Numeracy and Maths surgeries to find out more?

When it may not be a Numeracy and Maths Coach that you need

We cannot check your assignments
However, we are able to help you with the numeracy and mathematics topics which link to your assignment and we can show you techniques to check your own calculations.

We cannot provide feedback on the content of your assignments
For this, you should contact your tutor or lecturer. For support with researching and referencing academic content, you can also Book a Librarian.

What should I bring?

It would be helpful if you can bring relevant lecture notes, some tutorial work or an assignment that you have been working on, or a relevant textbook with you. You should also bring any relevant mathematical equipment (e.g. a calculator).

How do I book?

To book a half hour appointment with a Numeracy and Maths Coach, please:

Step 1: Download and read the Numeracy and Maths Coaching Agreement (My.Anglia login required).

Step 2: Click below to book one appointment with a Numeracy and Maths Coach for your campus.

When booking please include a brief description of what you would like to discuss. Your appointment will then be confirmed by email to your Anglia Ruskin student email address.

Once a meeting has been booked, we ask that you only cancel for exceptional reasons, ensuring that the Numeracy and Maths Coach is notified by email at least 24 hours in advance where possible.




For Peterborough students please make an an appointment using our online form.