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Friday 24 November
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The National Student Survey - Information for Staff


The National Student Survey (NSS) gives students an opportunity to give their opinions on their institution and course.

This year were running a Big Bang campaign during teaching weeks 2, 3 and 4 (6 to 24 February) asking all undergraduates to complete either the National Student Survey (NSS) or the UK Engagement Survey (UKES). Were aiming for at least an 80% response rate for the NSS, and 50% response rate for the UKES.

These surveys will give undergraduate students the chance to reflect on their course experience at ARU so far, and help us continue to make changes that will have a lasting positive impact on our students. Further information about the UKES is available here.

The NSS results are used widely by the public, in particular by prospective students and their parents to make choices about where to study, and are now being used in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

What are the important things to know about the NSS this year?

Undergraduate Survey Season Key Facts Infographic - NSS 2017

What's the theme this year?

This year well be donating 2 for every completed survey to three local mental health charities, as voted for by the Student Council.

  • Cambridgeshire Mind
  • Dementia Adventure
  • Peterborough and Fenland Mind

Whos in and whos out?

As a general rule, most final year Undergraduate students will be eligible for the NSS. HESA use students expected end dates as part of an algorithm to calculate whether a student should be included or not. If their end date on Astra is wrong, this may mean they have not been included in the NSS population. Their end date should be between 1 February 2017 and 31 January 2018 to be included in the 2017 National Student Survey.

A summary of eligibility for the NSS can be found on pages 111-119 of the National Student Survey Guidance document.

In the NSS population

  • Full and part time undergraduate students registered at our University due to end their course between 01/02/17 and 31/01/18
  • Students who have withdrawn or intermitted from their course after we have submitted the HESA return will still be in our NSS population and eligible to fill in the survey
  • If a student is included in the population and then goes on to take another course, they may be included in the population in a future year
  • Returnable students (i.e. students who are included in the HESA return).

Out of the NSS population

  • Students with a dormant status on Astra will not have been included in the population
  • Where a student has been included in the survey population for the previous year (e.g. for a final year of a foundation degree) they are excluded from the survey this year. (Students cannot be included in the population for two consecutive years and they have to be on a course that lasts more than one year a Top-Up year does not count as is not more than one year)
  • Students on short courses (less than one year long)
  • Students who are on closed courses (i.e. courses not recruiting for September 2017 entry).

Promoting the NSS

Survey guidance notes from Ipsos MORI

Full guidance notes are available online here, or on the J Drive
J:\Services\Student Services\Public\NSS\2017

Students can access the NSS directly by visiting