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Thursday 23 March

Anglia Ruskin University Student ID Card

ID Cards

Your Anglia Ruskin University ID card is produced by the iCentre and has your photograph and your Student ID number (SID) on the front. This credit card sized card is unique to you, and if you are studying at one of our four main Campuses, you will be required to tap the card against the reader on entry to each timetabled event. Please be aware that we operate 'no tap, no attendance', therefore it is extremely important. You are required to tap between 10 minutes prior to start of teaching until 10 minutes into class. If you tap outside of this 20 minute window your attendance will not be recorded.

How do I get my card?

To ensure that your card is ready upon your arrival, you are required to submit a passport photograph. The preferred method is to upload your passport photograph and email this to

Please include the following information in the subject heading:

Campus of study / Course subject / Seven digit Student ID number / Surname
(i.e. Chelmsford / Business / 0000000 / Surname).

Upon collection of your Ruskin card you will be able to use the University Library's self-service machines. The password for this will be set to your date and month of birth upon production of your card (e.g. 6th October = 0610).

Important: You will need to show us either your passport or birth certificate plus another form of ID (driving licence/bank card) when you collect your student ID.

Replacement Ruskin ID Cards

If you lose your Ruskin card a replacement must be obtained from the iCentre, for which you will have to pay a 10.00 replacement fee. You can pay this fee online or you can pay in cash at the iCentre.

Visit the Anglia Ruskin Online Store to order a new card.

Please bring a valid form of ID with you when you come to collect your card from the iCentre on campus.

Tier 4 Visa holders

You are required to sign in at your Faculty office on a weekly basis. Not only is it identification and proof that you are registered for an award at Anglia Ruskin, it is also required for you to obtain access to the library, computer services, to your examinations and if you wish to personally collect your marked submissions. All your University computer and manual records have to have your Student ID number entered and if you want any information that is held, you will have to produce your card.

Please note that you will be refused admission to an examination if you do not have your Student ID card with you. It is therefore very important that you look after this card.

Distance Learners

Distance Learning students can contact the iCentre by email about their ID cards. The iCentre will then send the ID card to the students contact address.