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Wednesday 20 September
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Human Books

What is Human Books?

Human Books is an event that promotes an inclusive way to challenge prejudice through social contact.

Just like in a real library, a visitor to Human Books can choose a book from a range of titles. The difference is that books are people, and reading is a conversation.

Why is ARU organising Human Books?

Social contact is known to be among the best ways to challenge prejudice, and Human Books enables it to flourish. Human Books provides a safe environment for people to engage in conversation within a framework of respect, and with the permission to respectfully ask questions and share experiences. The dialogue that Human Books facilitates has the potential to challenge prejudice, stigma and discrimination.

In practice, Human Books celebrates the diversity and positive difference of our communities, raises awareness of many different reasons people may experience exclusion, and takes positive action to address some of the issues that can lead to bullying, abuse and hate crime. Book titles deliberately acknowledge and provoke the assumptions or common prejudices that we, or society may have, and Readers are empowered to choose from a broad range of titles, and challenged to engage with the people behind the labels during short and respectful conversation.

The idea of running Human Books will bring ARU students face to face with people from different walks of life and be able to ask questions and create a positive dialogue of learning and enquiry that will break down stereotypes.

By attending Human Books event and engaging in discussions Students will be able to earn Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Digital Badges, which will enhance their employability. EDI Badges are launching soon and this is the first event that youll be able to earn them.

When and where is Human Books?

LAB207, Cambridge campus
Wednesday 29 March
2.00 - 4.00pm

What types of books will there be?

A conversation at Human Books is an interactive experience that engages two people a Human Book and a Human Book Reader. Both have their own backgrounds and their own selection of protected characteristics. We have Buddhist monks, suicide survivors, working parents and more being confirmed - all with interesting backgrounds ready to share and discuss.

Books give their permission for people at a Human Books event to ask questions about their life, and to talk openly about prejudice, stereotype and discrimination. Books may ask as many questions as readers, and it is possible that books will ask the first questions. This could be as simple as why did you choose me? or what did you expect me to look like?

Do I need a ticket?

No, you can simply turn up on the day and collect a Human Books Card which will allow you to start your first conversation. At the end of the event, hand in your Human Books Card so we can credit you with your EDI Digital Badge.