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Monday 30 November
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Counselling and Wellbeing Service

Contact Counselling and Wellbeing
Student Services: 0845 196 6701 / 6700

Counselling Service - Male student

The Counselling and Wellbeing Service is available to all students at Anglia Ruskin University and offers a free and confidential service to promote mental health and wellbeing.

You can talk in confidence to a professional counsellor about personal or university-related issues that are worrying you. These might range from minor concerns to major issues, from grief work to relationship difficulties, panic attacks, exam anxieties, stress etc.


The transition from living at home to university is often hard to manage; we are here to help. Coping with the unfamiliar, making new friends and new found independence often presents huge challenges. The counselling and wellbeing service is here to support you at this potentially difficult time.

Group work & Workshops

One hour workshops run throughout Welcome Week which focus on settling in, changes and transitions and stress and anxiety. Additional one-off workshops run throughout the year in response to student demand and include Mindfulness, Mental Health Awareness and Assertiveness. For more intensive support, structured group work programmes, which start anew each term, offer a psycho-educational focus on key issues including stress and anxiety management, self-esteem and confidence and body image.

One to one support

Therapeutic counselling and mental health support is also available with a qualified counsellor or mental health adviser. This can be for any number of issues which might be causing you emotional distress. The aim of the service is to enable you to cope more effectively with any personal difficulties that might arise during your time at University, enabling you to function more effectively. Counselling and mental health support offers you a space to talk to someone who is not known to you personally. You don’t need to stress about whether your problem is serious enough to visit us or not. Visit the service and we can explore this confidentially together.
All counsellors work in accordance with the BACP or UKCP ethical framework.


In addition, we promote an integrative approach to health and wellbeing and run a number of workshops and events throughout the year in conjunction with others, such as the Student Union and Sports and Active Anglia.
We work within the framework of BACP and UKCP code of ethics.

Further information about the Health Services available at Anglia Ruskin University.