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Saturday 20 January
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Foundation Scholarship Scheme


At this time applications are no longer being accepted for this scholarship.

The Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship is designed to enable students to propose to spend a short period of time in the UK or outside the UK in order to undertake a study visit in connection with their chosen course, to enhance their studies, personal development, student experience or undertake community engagement or voluntary work. Previous study visits have included charity projects, summer schools, photography and art field trips.

Applications are invited from students for a maximum of 12 Foundation Scholarships which will be offered to students studying at Anglia Ruskin University during the academic year 2016-17.

The Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarships are each worth up to £750 and the amount awarded to applicants will depend on the expected cost of the individual study visit. (In certain circumstances lesser sums may be awarded).


The Application Form

Students wishing to apply for a Scholarship should submit an Application Form.

Students are required to provide details in the application form of how their proposed study visit fulfils all of the Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship criteria (please see below).

Students are also required to provide a short description (not more than 1500 words in total) of their proposed study visit including:

  • details of their reasons for such a visit
  • A full costing for the visit (including estimates of travel and accommodation expenses and other related costs).


A small number of application forms may be available for collection at the Student Services desk and iCentres at the Chelmsford and Cambridge Campus.

Criteria for Foundation Scholarships

Students must demonstrate that their application fulfils ALL of the following criteria.  

Please note student overseas travel will only be supported if the applicant demonstrates that their application fulfils all the criteria and the same experience cannot be undertaken in the UK. Further applications for overseas travel will not be supported if they are to the applicant's native country.

In the interests of fairness to all students/applicants, The Office of the Secretary & Clerk is unable to comment on or discuss individual applications and whether they satisfy the criteria or the details of the proposed study visit.


  1. The proposed activity shall not be a compulsory element in the course of study currently being undertaken by the applicant nor should its primary purpose be to visit family or friends or to take a holiday. It may, however, be of a character which will benefit future study.
  2. Preference shall be given to applications which demonstrate some form of community engagement or volunteering.
  3. Applications shall identify the benefit for the individual, and more generally, the wider benefit likely to accrue from the proposed activity.
  4. In undertaking any funded activity applicants shall at all times be required to act as ambassadors for Anglia Ruskin University.
  5. Applicants shall at the time of application and as at the date when any award is made, be required to be in good academic and financial standing with Anglia Ruskin University.
  6. Preference shall be given to applications that are initiated by the student.
  7. Preference shall be given to applicants with previous volunteering experience.
  8. Preference shall be given to applications that demonstrate a wider social contribution and that benefit the community.
  9. Trips to conferences will not be considered.
  10. Applicants must state their native country on the application form.
  11. Proposals organised by volunteer holiday travel operators will not be supported.

Please see the 'Frequently Asked Questions' (below).


The following timetable shall normally apply:


Applications should be submitted by post to:

The Anglia Trust, Anglia Ruskin University, Office of The Secretary & Clerk, Tindal Building, Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SQ.

Committee meeting to discuss appplications – January/February 2017

Letters to be sent to successful / unsuccessful applicants – February 2017

(Please note that feedback on applications will not be provided)

Please note successful applicants will receive their monies on completion of their study visit and upon submission of a written report on their visit. Applicants will also be required to provide evidence of travel tickets and related costs prior to the study visit and bank details, where indicated on the report template.

Guidelines for Applicants

These guidelines are designed to help applicants to maximise their chances of success in making applications for a Foundation Scholarship.

We hope to receive applications which are grounded in an individual's passion for a subject, which have an inherent interest, are well argued with a sound rationale and which show that the applicant has thought hard about the costs involved and has submitted realistic estimates of expenditure.  We will not support mandatory field trips, trips to conferences or organised learning overseas, nor, regrettably, do we alleviate hardship as such

The Committee has found it helpful in the past to receive information about some or all of the following:

  • Location of the proposed study visit – please be as specific as possible
  • The nature of the activity which will be at the centre of the proposed visit
  • A rationale for the visit which provides evidence of the personal research which has gone into the preparation of the application and shows how the project has been developed.
  • Independence of approach; the scholarships cannot support staff-led visits or projects where all the arrangements are made by others
  • Evidence that the applicant has thought through how the proposed visit will enhance and enrich her/his studies or him/her personally (but it must be noted that the visit cannot be a compulsory element in the applicant’s programme). This is a key element and will need to be reported on in full in the report to the Trustees.

The selection Committee shall consider applications against the following criteria:

  • Travel costs – make them realistic, show that you have searched for the best-value option and make sure you have included everything.
  • Living expenses – show the basis for calculation, what is included and what you have decided not to include.  The Committee will not wish you to reduce your normal living standard drastically but equally it is not going to fund a luxurious life-style!
  • Accommodation – see if you can obtain free (friends or family) or low-cost accommodation and let the Committee have some evidence that you have assessed costs e.g. through web searches.
  • Remember to include fees if appropriate, insurance and currency costs.

We wish to see whether your costs are sensible so including everything and justifying particular levels of expenditure is a good idea.  We probably won’t be able to provide all your financial support so evidence of other applications is helpful or you will have to fund other costs yourself.  You may not be able to provide every last detail but we need as much as possible since we want to make sure that your proposal is not naïve or rudimentary - this would not be a good basis for a successful study visit.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How many Scholarships?

A maximum of 12 scholarships are awarded each academic year.

  • How much?

The maximum scholarship award is £750 per scholarship. The amount awarded will depend on the proposed study visit. If the anticipated costs of the study visit are less than £750, then a smaller sum will be awarded. In certain circumstances lesser sums may be awarded.

  • Where can I go?

The study visit can be an anywhere in the UK or outside the UK and the student is to free choose where they would like to go and the activity. However the study visit must not be a compulsory element of the degree course or a holiday to visit family or friends etc.

Please note your Course Leader is required to counter-sign the Application Form, in support of your application, confirming that the study visit is not a compulsory part of your course. Applications will not be accepted unless they contain the signature of your Course Leader.

Should you be unable to provide your Course Leader's signature, please provide a copy of an email from your Course Leader confirming their support and that the study visit is not a compulsory element of your course. 

  • Is it a bursary?

Please note that the Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship is not a “bursary” and should not be confused with other bursaries and awards available from Anglia Ruskin University.

  • Exclusions?

Please note that the Foundation Scholarship only applies to UK based students registered to study at Anglia Ruskin University for the academic year 2016-17.

The Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship is only open to undergraduates:

It MAY be possible to obtain funding for the above study visits from faculties and students are advised to contact their faculties regarding this.

  • When can I go?

The Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship cannot be used to reimburse earlier study visits. The study visit must commence after the Anglia Trust Scholarship award is made i.e. after 31 January 2017.  The study visit must take place whilst the student is registered as a student at Anglia Ruskin University and if you are a final year student, before the date of your graduation in October 2017.

  • What do I need to provide?

1. A completed application form. Students are required to complete all sections of the form. The student is required to demonstrate how their proposed study visit will fulfil all the criteria of the Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship.

2. Evidence of travel e.g. tickets and receipts of related costs prior to the study visit.

3. A short written report on the study visit using the prescribed template (approx. 2 sides of A4 paper/max of 1500 words) to be sent to the Secretary’s Office which will then be submitted to the Anglia Trustees after the study visit has finished. This report must be sufficiently detailed outlining the study visit including where necessary photos for illustration. It is not suitable to submit a project, dissertation or essay in place of a written report. 
  • Submission of the Application form

Please ensure that application forms are submitted in good time before the deadline.


    • Student Consent

    Students are required to sign the application form confirming acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

    “I agree to abide by the conditions of application and acceptance for the Anglia Foundation Scholarships: my application is not returnable and, if successful, I shall prepare a report on my study visit to submit to the Anglia Trustees.  I undertake not to use any monies granted to me for any purpose other than that for which it is given and to return any such monies to the Trustees should my study visit not take place”

    Further information is available on our website.

    Student are also  required to provide their written consent to their name being published on the University website and University publications should they have  a successful bid. This consent will include the use of their name and report for advertising and marketing by the faculty or marketing department. 

    • Can the Scholarship be paid in advance of the study visit?

    The Scholarship cannot be paid in advance of the study visit.

    • When is the Scholarship paid?

    The monies will be paid to the student by electronic banking on receipt of the written report on their study visit and after evidence of travel has been provided e.g. tickets, receipts of related costs. Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to receive payment. Payment can only be made if bank details are provided as shown on the report template.

    Anglia Ruskin University reserves the right, to require scholarship recipients to attend an award ceremony where the monies will be formally presented to the students.

    • How long does the Foundation Scholarship last?

    If successful, please note that the scholarship award is only valid for one year. Please ensure that reports and receipts are received by 19 December 2017.