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Monday 19 February
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Anglia Ruskin University Student Complaints Procedure - CS2 form

Before completing this form you should read our student complaints procedure as contained in the Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students.

This procedure runs alongside the academic appeals procedure. As a result, it only deals with:

  • complaints about a student's educational experience at Anglia Ruskin University including relationships with any non-teaching department;
  • complaints to do with discrimination by us; and
  • complaints for reasons of maladministration.

We will not deal with matters which may be dealt with through Academic Appeals or other regulations relating to pathways of study or how they are assessed using this procedure.

This procedure, in consultation with the Students' Union has been designed to:

  • Reflect the principles of natural justice
  • Be transparent and involve timely resolution of the complaints
  • Include procedures for independent review and decision making
  • Encourage the resolution of the complaint at a local level.

Having been unable to resolve the complaint at stage 1, I request that this matter be referred to stage 2 of the student complaints procedure.

* denotes a mandatory field, which must be completed.

1. Your Details

2. Details of the complaint (including in particular why you feel the complaint had not been resolved at Stage 1 of the Complaints process) .
3. Declaration

I confirm that the information provided on this form is true and correct and in submitting this form I consent for the information provided in this form to be used as detailed below and I understand that Anglia Ruskin University;

  • will not accept complaints from third parties or anonymous sources;
  • will deal with any complaint that it believes to be malicious and unfounded under the provisions of its Student Disciplinary Policy;
  • will hold some elements of the information I have provided on an electronic database;
  • may need to share the information I have provided with other persons or organisations as part of any investigation to resolve my complaint.

Please check this box to confirm that you agree with the declaration.

We would welcome your feedback in relation to the Complaints procedure. If you would like to make any suggestions/comments once the procedure has been completed, please submit these to: Board Executive Assistant, Secretary and Clerk's Office, 3rd Floor, Tindal Building, Rivermead Campus, Chelmsford Essex CM1 1SQ.

Once completed, please click the button above to submit your complaint electronically.

You should keep a copy of your submission.

If you have any additional documents which you are unable to send via email, please send these, together with a copy of this form to the Board Executive Assistant, as above.

A Word version of the form is available, if for any reason you are unable to submit it electronically. It should be emailed to

Stage 2 Complaint form