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Saturday 20 January
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Board and Sub-Committees

The composition of the Board of Governors is subject to the Education Reform Act 1988, the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and its Articles of Government.

The maximum number of members of the Board is currently set at 24 (25 including the Vice-Chancellor), altough there may be less members serving from time to time.

To view the confirmed, unrestricted, non-confidential minutes of the Board of Governors' meetings please click below on the appropriate date. If you would like a copy of any earlier minutes please contact Jackie Barlow, University Records Manager at

Board of Governors' minutes 11-02-16

Board of Governors' minutes 28-04-16

Board of Governors' minutes 07-07-16

Board of Governors' minutes 23-11-16

Board of Governors' minutes 09-02-17

Board of Governors' minutes 27-04-17


There are seven sub-committees which operate under the Board's control:

Audit & Compliance Committee

The Audit & Compliance Committee considers all aspects of compliance including advising the Board of Governors on the appointment of external auditors, reviewing the effectiveness of the risk management, control and governance arrangements. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing fraud policies and considering the annual accounts.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)
Thursday 16/11/17: 5pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge
Thursday 25/01/18: 5pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge
Thursday 17/05/18: 5pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge

This Committee is made up of up to seven Governors, including two co-opted members, who make decisions regarding our University's internal control systems, internal and external audit and compliance issues for our University as a whole.

Members of the Audit & Compliance Committee
K Attwood A Sharples

D Crowe (Chair)

A Trencher
A Rose S Williams

Please note that the minutes of the University Health & Safety Committee are noted at the Audit and Compliance Committee. For further information on the University Health & Safety Committee please refer to the relevant section on our website.

Minutes of the Audit & Compliance Committee


Estates Committee

The Estates Committee (formerly the Capital Projects Steering Group) ensures that Anglia Ruskin University develops and maintains an appropriate Estates Strategy and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors. On the Board's behalf, the Committee considers property matters in relation to acquisitions, sales, leases and new build projects.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)  
Monday 02/10/17: 5.00pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge  
Thursday 11/01/18: 5.00pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge
Tuesday 08/05/18: 5.00pm Vid Conf - Chelmsford/Cambridge

Members of the Estates Committee
N Brown (Chair) Julie Spence
J Keddie J Walkling
J Hampton-Till C Whatford

Minutes of the Estates Committee



Finance, Employment & General Purposes Committee

This Committee considers the annual budget, annual accounts, financial forecasts, tuition and other fees, capital projects and general financial management.

The Committee is also responsible for policy and procedural matters in relation to the recruitment and retention of staff, staff welfare, conditions of service and legislation affecting employer/employee relations.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)
Monday 06/11/17: 5pm Tindal
Monday 15/01/18: 5pm Vid Conf/Camb
Monday 16/04/18: 5pm Tindal
Monday 18/06/18: 5pm HEL 201
Members of the Finance & General Purposes Committee
J Booth (Chair) R Seymour
N Brown John Spence
J Keddie M Wilson
I Martin  

Minutes of the Finance, Employment & General Purposes Committee


Nominations Committee

This Committee is made up of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board, three Governors and the SU President. The Committee considers and recommends to the Board, nominations for Board membership and advises on the composition of the Board.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)
Thursday 23/11/17: 4pm Cambridge
Thursday 08/02/18: 4pm Chelmsford
Thursday 26/04/18: 4pm HEL 201
Thursday 05/07/18: 4pm Chelmsford

Members of the Nominations Committee
J Booth (Chair) J Smith
N Brown  
D Crowe  
M Hyde  
I Martin  

Minutes of the Nominations Committee


Remuneration Committee

This Committee is made up of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board and two Governors. This Committee discusses and agrees the salaries of senior members of the University.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)
Tuesday 26/09/17: 5.30pm

Members of the Remuneration Committee
J Booth (Chair) M Hyde
N Brown M Wilson

Minutes of the Remuneration Committee


Student Matters Committee

The Student Matters Committee considers reports from the Students’ Union and Student Services and considers matters referred to it by the Vice Chancellor in relation to student experience.  This Committee is made up of both Governors and seven students, including a Student Governor.

Dates of meetings (2017/18)
Friday 03/11/17: 1.30pm TIN BR
Thursday 15/03/18: 2pm HEL 201
Thursday 24/05/18: 2pm Tindal BR

Members of the Student Matters Committee
I Martin (Vice Chancellor)

3 students

J Smith

R Watkins (Deputy Vice Chancellor)  
M Hyde (Chair)  
Julie Spence  

Minutes of the Student Matters Committee