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Wednesday 28 January
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Media Guidelines

Media design documents relating to Anglia Ruskin University

Word templates | Internal Logo | Powerpoint | Screen Logos | Posters | Module Guide Covers | Notes

Design guidelines

Download the Word templates

You can download the templates manually, below:

Logos for Internal Documents

These three logos, colour, black, and white, are available to be used only in documents for internal circulation. Only these logos may be used and not any scanned versions from other documentation. All documentation which is intended for an external audience needs to be cleared with the Marketing Department however and wherever it is planned to place the design work. The EPS are the same as the jpg and png files, but these files are to be used by professional designers and printers.

PowerPoint template

These templates are for creating new presentations

Poster Templates

Three new Anglia Ruskin University poster templates are available for you to download, print and display. To use these, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on document and save it to your PC
  2. Overtype then save the document

If you wish to print A3 posters, change the paper size from A4 to A3 and the print size from 100% to 141%.

Some people have experienced problems with some of the Word files. If the files open without the logo and tray/keyline, please call the IT Services helpline on ext. 4357.

Logos for screen use

Anglia Ruskin logos for use in electronic documents are now available.

Module Guide covers

Module guide front covers can be downloaded and completed with the appropriate details. You can then send the document direct to Digital Copy Services on your Campus for printing


Please also note that existing materials should be updated to reflect the Anglia Ruskin University brand wherever possible. This is especially true of materials delivered online, as there should be little or no cost in rebranding these. It may not be practical to rebrand all materials, but please ensure that all new materials feature the new Corporate Identity.

This includes correct logo usage, choice of colour and that the University's name is used correctly. Acceptable usages are: "Anglia Ruskin University" and "Anglia Ruskin", the latter only once the "University" aspect has already been established in your document. No other derivatives may be used, including abbreviations.

Please consider:

  • Online forms
  • PDFs
  • Your email signature (both on your desktop PC and in Webmail)
  • Any other electronic communication / material