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Friday 24 November

Partnership Development


Under the new structure of the Research & Innovation Development Office, Partnership Development Managers (PDMs) support the formation of new partnerships and collaborations on behalf of the institution. Whilst they remain part of RIDO, each one is assigned to a faculty and represents the interests of that faculty in pursuing new opportunities for partnership and collaboration. They work closely with colleagues from RIDO and across the institution to exploit the research expertise of the faculty they are assigned to. In particular, the PDMs will develop collaborative research, contract research, knowledge transfer and consultancy opportunities that help each faculty achieve their objectives, including income-generation targets.

Partnership Development (FHSCE)
Welcome to this brand new area aimed at all staff in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education.


DRAGON’S DEN COMPETITION from 27th September 

About the FHSCE Dragon’s Den Competition

What is the FHSCE Dragon’s Den?
As part of a series of events organised by the Research & Innovation Development Office (RIDO), all staff in FHSCE will have the chance to win £4000 in seed corn funding in 2018, plus support from RIDO in establishing partnerships with private enterprise, charities, government bodies and investors in Health, Social Care and Education. Researchers and admin staff may submit proposals through a streamlined and fair process involving a Faculty-wide Dragon’s Den Competition which was launched in September in both Cambridge and Chelmsford.  

Slides from Dragon's Den launch sessions

This introductory workshop outlined the concept and clarified the straightforward selection process, which requires only a 400-word description of ideas for income-generation across 4 categories: (i) Products (ii) Contract Research (iii) Consultancy Work (iv) Innovations in Education/Training.

We hope to see as many FHSCE staff as possible submitting proposals, which will help researchers futureproof their work against the shifting goalposts of grant funding in the context of BREXIT whilst building sustainable strategic partnerships with the local community and beyond.

Go along to either of the launch workshops to learn more about this opportunity!

How can RIDO help?
RIDO already offers you a high level of support if you want to apply for grant funding but in light of the likely drop in availability of such funds as a result of BREXIT, coupled with the need for increasing collaborative work with external partners in order to meet income-generation targets and fund future research, we aim to support you in forging the kind of strategic alliances and practical partnerships you need.

The FHSCE Dragon’s Den Competition will help you:

  1. Gain access to £1000 seed corn funding to develop your idea
  2. Engage with investors and partners to secure further income for your research projects.
  3. Work more effectively in interdisciplinary teams
  4. See your research in new contexts
  5. Develop the kind of approach necessary for engaging industry and charity partners
  6. Increase likelihood of your research leading to innovations used by society
  7. Feed findings to policymakers and decision makers through external partners with better access
  8. Become more visible and raise your profile, leading to further opportunities including grant funding

 How does it work?

  1. Submit a proposal (download the form here) by 5th January 2018.
  2. If shortlisted, pitch your idea in just 3 minutes to our panel of Academic Dragons on 14th March 2018.
  3. If you have a winning idea, in any of the 4 categories: (i) Products (ii) Contract Research (iii) Consultancy Work (iv) Innovations in Education/Training, you will then receive £1000 to further develop your work
  4. On 20th June 2018 you will have an opportunity to discuss your work with potential investors, clients and partners from the local community, leading to further investment on a larger scale if they like what you have to offer!

The Dragon’s Den is aimed at academic and research staff, but we anticipate that postgraduate research students, especially those enrolled on a PhD, could be interested in attending some of the events and seminars and are welcome to contact us for more information.

Contact FHSCE Partnership Development Manager Graeme Hodgson on extension 2955 or Tel. 01223 698955