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Monday 24 April
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Academic Registry - Quality Assurance Service (Planning Decisions)

Outcomes of the Planning Approval Process


New Curriculum Developments:

CMT is responsible for approving planning proposals for: i) new partnerships with Associate Colleges (Outline Proposal [Partner Institution] Form); and ii) new courses (planning).

With effect from September 2016 a new Curriculum Planning Group (CPG) was established to consider proposals on behalf of the CMT.  The CPG meets six times a year.

The decisions of the CPG are detailed below:


Planning Proposals for New Partnerships

13 March 2017


Planning Proposals for New Outcentres (Category A)

28 November 2016


Planning Proposals for New Courses

21 September 2016

28 November 2016

12 January 2017

13 February 2017

13 March 2017


Minor Changes to Existing Courses:

With effect from December 2016 the Curriculum Planning Group (CPG) assumed responsibility for the approval of curriculum changes proposed on a Curriculum Management Form (CM1). Prior to this, the Academic Regulations Sub-Committee was responsible for the approval of curriculum changes since the academic year 2012-13. The decisions of the Curriculum Planning Group are detailed below.


Planning Proposals for Curriculum Changes (CM1)

September 2016 (Chair's Action)

October 2016 (Chair's Action)

November 2016 (Chair's Action)

December 2016 (Chair's Action)

February 2017

March 2017

March 2017 (Chair's Action)



Link to planning decisions taken pre 2016/17.