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Tuesday 21 November
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Academic Registry - Quality Assurance Service (Planning Decisions)

Outcomes of the Planning Approval Process


New Curriculum Developments:

CMT is responsible for approving planning proposals for: i) new partnerships with Associate Colleges (Outline Proposal [Partner Institution] Form); and ii) new courses (planning).

With effect from September 2016 a new Curriculum Planning Group (CPG) was established to consider proposals on behalf of the CMT.  The CPG meets six times a year.

The decisions of the CPG are detailed below:


Planning Outcomes for New Partnerships


Planning Outcomes for New Outcentres (Category A)


Planning Outcomes for New Courses

20 September 2017

October 2017 (Chair's Action)


Curriculum Management (CM1):

With effect from December 2016 the Curriculum Planning Group (CPG) assumed responsibility for the approval of curriculum changes proposed on a Curriculum Management Form (CM1). Prior to this, the Academic Regulations Sub-Committee was responsible for the approval of curriculum changes since the academic year 2012-13. The decisions of the Curriculum Planning Group are detailed below.


Planning Outcomes for CM1 Curriculum Changes for Existing Courses

September 2017



Link to planning decisions taken pre 2017/18.