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Quality Assurance Unit

Academic Appeals

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The Academic Appeals Team is part of the Quality Assurance Unit of the Academic Office and is responsible for the administration of academic appeals in accordance with Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations. We ensure that there are effective and timely procedures in place for the handling of academic appeals.

The Team comprises three staff .pdf file led by the Examinations and Academic Appeals Manager, Lorna Kempster. The Team is located in St. George House (2nd Floor) in Cambridge and Ashby House (2nd Floor), Chelmsford.

Full details of the Academic Appeals process are set out in Section 9 of the Academic Regulations .pdf file which includes a flow diagram which summarises the appeals process. Any student who is considering submitting an academic appeal is strongly advised to consult this section of the Academic Regulations and to discuss the matter with their Course Group Leader, Student Adviser and/or the Students' Union prior to the submission of any academic appeal.

Grounds for an Academic Appeal

There are limited grounds on which a student may make an academic appeal. These are:

  • that the student's performance in the assessment was adversely affected by illness or other factors which s/he was unable, or for valid reasons unwilling, to divulge before the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board reached its decision. The student's request must be supported by medical certificates or other documentary evidence acceptable to the Appeals Panel indicating clearly why such evidence was not previously presented to the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board.
  • that there has been a material administrative error, or that the assessment(s) was not conducted in accordance with the Academic Regulations governing the course, or that some other material irregularity has occurred.

A student may not appeal on any ground:

  • which could have been considered by the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board if notice of the student's wish to have it so considered had been given prior to the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board meeting and the student has no valid reason for having failed to give such notice or;
  • which claims that academic performance was adversely affected by ill-health, where there is no medical evidence certified by a recognised medical practitioner, GP or hospital consultant or other evidence deemed appropriate by the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board to support the application or;
  • which disputes only the academic judgement of the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board concerning the student's performance in any academic work and/or work-based component of the course.

Lodging an Academic Appeal

All academic appeals must be submitted to the Academic Appeals Team of the Quality Assurance Unit by specified deadlines which are linked to date of the relevant Anglia Ruskin Awards Board and the date of the Official Publication of Results .pdf file.

All academic appeals must be notified by use of the official Notification of Appeal Pro-forma

Students who wish to pursue an appeal further after it has been considered by the Preliminary Review Panel should complete the official Request for an Appeals Panel Hearing Pro-forma Word document.

Further advice

Further generic advice on the Academic Appeals process and related regulations is available from

Further information can be found on the Anglia Ruskin's Academic Regulations section.