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Friday 29 July
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The Academic Regulations

In June 2016, the Senate considered and approved a number of revisions to the Academic Regulations.

The Ninth Edition of the Academic Regulations, incorporating these revisions, will be published on this webpage during Summer 2016.

Click HERE for feedback from the Senate, detailing the issues and the decisions made, particularly in relation to issues identified during the 3R meetings with academic colleagues held earlier in the 2015/16 academic year.



The Academic Regulations provide the regulatory framework for Anglia Ruskin’s taught undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, setting and maintaining the academic standard of all courses leading to an Anglia Ruskin award at all delivery points including UK and international Associate Colleges.

The Academic Regulations are monitored and maintained by the Academic Regulations Subcommittee (reporting to the Senate's Quality, Enhancement & Standards Committee). Any proposals for revisions to the Academic Regulations are developed by the Subcommittee and submitted to the Senate for formal approval.


Eighth Edition (July 2015)

The Senate approved amendments to the Academic Regulations in February, April and June 2015 and these apply for the 2015/16 academic year. Printed A5 copies will be distributed to all members of academic staff and relevant support staff at Anglia Ruskin and its network of Associate Colleges during September 2015 by the Academic Office.

Academic Regs (8th) Image


Main Amendments to the Academic Regulations in the Eighth Edition (July 2015)


Revisions to Tariffs for Modular Assessment Loads


Following a review undertaken by a Working Group of the Senate's Quality, Enhancement & Standards Committee (QESC), the table defining the minimum and maximum volumes of assessment that can be set for a module (depending on credit volume) has been reviewed and updated. Course Teams and Module Leaders will need to propose curriculum revisions to amend the existing assessment loads for their module(s) to apply this regulatory change.


Section 6(G); Regulation 6.25, page 60

Minor Amendment to Word Count Regulations (re referencing)


The list of items to be excluded when determining the word count for an individual piece of student assessed work has been amended.


Section 6(L); Regulation 6.67, page 65
Removal of Requirement to Include a Major Project Module in an Honours Degree Course


The course structure of level 6 of an honours degree is no longer required to include a Major Project module. Course Teams will need to propose curriculum revisions to amend the existing structure of their course(s) to apply this regulatory change.


Section 3(A); Regulation 3.17, page 39
Compensation and Retaking of Level 6 Major Project Modules


Following on from the amendment that no longer requires a Major Project module to be included in the course structure of an honours degree, the Regulations have been amended to allow level 6 Major Project modules, from 2015/16, to be compensated or, where necessary, retaken.


Section 6(M); Regulations 6.74(a) and 6.77, page 66

Section 6(N); Regulation 6.88, page 68

Minor Amendment to the Detailed Criteria for Compensation


A small amendment has been made to the criteria for determining if a student is eligible for compensation.


Section 6(B); Regulation 6.90 (bullet 2), page 68
Removal of Requirement to Include a 30 Credit Module at Every Level


Course structures are no longer required to include at least one 30 (or higher) credit rated module in each level of the course. Course Teams will need to propose curriculum revisions to amend the existing structure of their course(s) to apply this regulatory change.


Section 3(A), pages 37-40
New Award: Master of Architecture (MArch)


The creation of the postgraduate award of Master of Architecture (MArch).


Section 2(E); Regulation 2.71.12, page 35

Other minor amendments have been made and these are summarised in the Introduction to the Academic Regulations (pages 5 - 8)



Previous editions (superceded by the above and for information only) are also available:

Assessment Regulations

The sections of the Academic Regulations which cover the assessment process are also published separately as the Assessment Regulations.

These A5 booklets are printed for all new students to Anglia Ruskin and its Associate Colleges and are issued during Welcome Week. Continuing and returning students do not receive an individual copy but can download their own version from the link below.

An electronic version can be downloaded from this website in pdf format:

Assessment Regulations (8th) Image

Assessment Regulations

(an extract from the Academic Regulations, Eighth Edition)

Training and Staff Development

The Academic Office provides training for staff on the main aspects of the Academic Regulations in November and May of each year. The dates of the sessions in 2016/17 are listed below:

  • Tuesday 15th November 2016 at the Chelmsford Campus from 10am
  • Tuesday 9th May 2017 at the Cambridge Campus from 10am

If you would like to book a place on one of these sessions, please e-mail the Training Team in Human Resources Services.

The Academic Regulations include Anglia Ruskin's Progression Scheme which was first applied in June/July 2013. Staff Development sessions on the new Scheme were held in May and June 2013 and updated sessions were delivered in November 2014. The Powerpoint Presentation used for these sessions is available from this page.

Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students

Anglia Ruskin's Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students (RRPS) are approved and published by the Board of Governors and detail non-academic related regulations with which students are required to comply during their period of registration at Anglia Ruskin.

The RRPS are managed by the Office of the Secretary and Clerk and are available to view via the Secretary and Clerk's webpages.


Transitional Arrangements

Since the introduction of the Academic Regulations in July 2006 (for the 2006/07 academic year), a number of transitional arrangements were agreed and published. As a general principle, the Academic Regulations applied with effect from September 2006 to all taught courses at all levels leading to an Anglia Ruskin award, unless otherwise stated in any of the transitional arrangements listed above.

In the vast majority of cases, these arrangements are no longer required or are no longer valid. For information purposes, full details of these transitional arrangements are provided below for the following circumstances:

This transitional arrangement section will be removed from these webpages


If you have any questions about the Academic Regulations, including queries regarding the interpretation and/or application of the Regulations, please e-mail these to the Director of the Academic Office, Paul Baxter.